Forum Posting Rules

Be respectful of other members. Verbal insults and character attacks will not be tolerated.
No foul language. I can live with character replacements like *#@%, on some PG-13 words but the “Big Ones” should not be used or referenced at all!
Use proper grammar. By this, I’m referring to the short hand style popular in “texting” on cell phones. Example: O I C U went there 2 or R U N Detroit? These should read Oh I see you went there too & Are you in Detroit? Normal abbreviations are fine. For a list of common abbreviations you will find here, there is a topic on them in the Forum Lobby. This phone text style of typing is distracting and difficult to read.
Do not post links to inappropriate websites. Hate groups, Adult sites etc.
No shouting. This means posting in all capital letters. You may place emphasis on specific words using all caps but not the entire post.
Stay on topic. The Off Topic and Soap Box forums are areas to discuss odd topics. This is a Concealed Carry site and topics covered in the other forums should be relevant to the forum.