View Full Version : Getting Timed Out

Sgt T
08-18-2008, 01:40 AM
How do I keep from getting timed out. Whenever I try to post something it tells me to sign in again. I have a tendency to get a little long winded. More time to post or respond to a post would be good.

08-18-2008, 06:48 AM
Be sure to click the "Remember me" box when you log in. It will keep you logged in. Try this and let me know if you continue to have a problem.

The design of the forum is self protecting. Bots and other nasty things, try to add posts, join the forum, and send you a "PM" everyday on the forum. I sit here and watch them run into the "No permission" errors I've put up. The time out is another feature to protect against this problem. "Remember me" will place an innocent temporary cookie on your machine, which it will also remove itself, when you click "log out". Some, like me, just never log out. I'm already logged in when I return to the forum. If I do log out, (or when I sweep my system clean) I will have to log back in upon return. I always log out when I'm using a PC other than my own. This will prevent someone from visiting the forum, and automatically becoming "ME".

With out this human verification, there would probably be a thousand members by now. Bots may try to join 20-30 times a day.