View Full Version : Who won the last debate?

10-15-2008, 08:43 PM
This is not an "I'm voting for him" question. In your honest opinion, who won this last debate. This is a blind poll.

10-17-2008, 01:21 PM
I think McCain did....but really how many viewers truly know who to vote for because of this debate? As one black woman mentioned in an evening newscast that we viewed said something to the effect of - 'I was undecided before I watched the debate, and I am still undecided.' Thus McCain could have responded better to the questions and pinned down Obama on many of them!
But overall we members could see Obama lying again.....so the world has to be made aware of his lies and what this election is!

Here is an email I mailed my local newspapers Letter to the Editor column. It is approximately 300 words long and meets their word limit! Please use it, own it and get it into your newspapers as well (and sign it as your own!)

The message has to get out there!

Voting for anyone other than McCain-Palin, or voting: 'None of the Above' is a vote for B. HUSSEIN Obama and the socialization of our country.

You heard Obama's retort to the fellow known as "Joe the Plumber"; he stated right out that he intends to "spread the wealth to others". That, my friends, IS Socialism; take, by force of law, from those who earn and have and GIVE to them who, for whatever reason, have less. The mere fact that some in this country think that this is a 'good idea' scares the 'bleep' out of me! We have allowed the left to convince many that ‘up is down,’ that ‘white is black,’ and that an evil person -- who's probably not even an American citizen -- can and should become President of the U.S. God help us!

When we get down to brass tacks the outcome of this election will DEFINITELY impact upon our right and ability to have anything to do with firearms! WE, those who believe as I on this matter, need to get ANGRY; we need to get out and work HARD for the defeat of this anti-American poser, B. HUSSEIN Obama.

Since I assume that most Americans own firearms it is inconceivable to me that anyone here would, seriously think of voting for anyone but McCain-Palin. And there are MANY more reasons to distrust Obama than simply on the issue of owning a firearm. But, this man needs to be defeated. And in a big way!

Don't believe the polls; don't “not” vote because you think that, "It's all over already." It is NOT! The media wants everyone to think it’s over because they want to suppress McCain's vote. It is closer than any poll reflects and we all need to get out and vote.

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