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02-24-2010, 01:14 PM
You must be a "logged in" member in order to access the Chat Room application.

How to Chat: First we have to get you there, lets look at the two examples of finding the link...

From the forums page, click "Community" and select "Flash Chat" from the dropdown menu.


Or use the Chat module on the left side of the forums. This module also shows you who is chatting and which room they are in.


When you click any of the two link examples above the chat room will open after loading the sounds and graphics. You will enter the Lounge by default. To select and go to another room, use the long blue bar at the top of the chat box. Example...


If you want to have a private chat with another member, click the "ADD" button. You will then see this...


Give the room a name, then select "Public" or "Private". You can create a public room to chat with others, it will be open to all members and does not need a password. To have a private room, you must give the room a password. You must give the person you wish to chat with the password or else they can't enter it. If you create a room, it is only temporary. It will disappear after all members have left the room.

Off to the right of the chat box is a list of all the rooms available to choose from. If there are members in a specific room, they will be listed below each room title.


There are a few controls above the window at the bottom of the chat box.


I'll use the screen shots to explain their function.





The look of the chat room is pre-set, but you may change it to your preference. Some of these of are rather specific and things can get pretty scrambled when using them. If you are unfamiliar with the detailed settings, my best advice is to not alter them.

To insert a message in the chat box, type it in the lower window of the chat box and hit enter or click send.


You are now chatting with other members. Have fun with it and enjoy!

If you have any further questions, please post them below and myself or a moderator will be happy to assist you.