View Full Version : Assault weapons ban

03-28-2009, 11:08 PM
Do you think the Assault Weapons Ban will be reinstated?

05-01-2009, 08:46 AM
Yes. Someday. Ignoring current politics it's a population problem I think. You can feed more sheep then wolves on the same patch of land. (Otherwise known as the entire Planet) Thus in order to maximize the population that can be sustained you need to cull out the wolves.

There are problems with that analogy of course. The most glaring of which is that Man has more in common with wolves then with sheep.

There is also a detail in that Sheep don't occur naturally, there is a farmer involved somewhere, and he tends to make things hard on the sheep. (Mmmmm Mutton...)("It's a Cook book!")

Sheep also don't fair very well against naturual disaster which kinda limits the long term prospects of survival for the species if we do go the path of being sheep. (There is a big fast moving rock, with "To whom it may concern" written on it, somewhere in space.)

05-03-2009, 12:50 PM
Like Thunder, I say yes, but it's down the road. Although the BB throws stuff out there, none of it sticks because opposing politicians remember 1994.

I feel it is more subtle. For some years now, the left wing has been hammering at our kids with heads full of mush. Bring a flower=Good, drawing a picture of a pistol=suspension and possible police action.

The other issue is this Administration's fixation with the One Worlders and the worthless U.N. I recall a comment in a dissenting opinion of Sandra Day O'Connor just before her retirement from SCOTUS. She commented about how important it was to take other country's laws into consideration when making a decision.

I was stunned and will never forget it. Of all the things that are not in the Constitution, foreign laws would be a biggie.

We must be vigalent. Any kind of a treaty even remotely connected with the U.N. could make us susceptible to their gun ban. The Administration can then say it wasn't us that took the guns, it was a part of an (important, crisis, world threat....you pick one) treaty we absolutely had to have to save the planet.