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02-22-2010, 03:26 PM
This is a tutorial on how to publish articles to the Homepage/Online Magazine

Starting from scratch...


Step 1: Click the create article button on the home page.


Step 2: Put in the Title. What you put beside Title will automatically insert into the next field SEO URL Alias, so don't worry about that.


Step 3: Type your story, or pre-write in a word document and simply copy and paste it.


Adding pictures

Step 4: There are two options to do this, and depending on your browser type you can only use one or both. I'll show you both, at one time Internet Explorer couldn't work like Firefox. It has to do with the ability of the browser to read the dynamic coding of our new software. Generally if you see rounded corners and buttons on the forum, the first option should work. If you see square corners and square buttons on the forum, the second option is likely the only way to do it.

First place your blinking cursor "|" to the left of the text where you want to insert an image. This goes for both options.

It should look like this.

"|"Little Susie went to the store to buy grapes and apples. She had no money.
She took her items to the counter and pulled a gun on the clerk. He too, had a gun and he pulled his.
They both pulled the trigger and "Boom" blah blah blah...

858 1423This is the first option. Using this icon is the easiest to insert an image. Firefox is best at this one, I think IE hangs up still.


Step 5: Click "Select Files" to get an image from your computer


Step 6: After you have selected an image, click "Upload Files" and the image will appear on the post.


Step 7: Mouse over the picture and you will see a pencil icon in the top left corner, click it.


This is where we align the picture and choose how the text wraps around the image. Just like the way a picture looks in a magazine. The two things to do here are Alignment and Size.


Alignment options: None-Left-Center-Right
Size options: Thumbnail-Medium-Large-Full size

I generally use the left alignment and medium size, unless it is a small image to begin with, then I use the full size option. You can play with these and edit it as you see fit for proper size etc...

863 1427The Paper clip is the second option. Click it to open your file manager. Then click "Add Files" at the top of the file manager box. Click "Select Files" to choose an image on your computer. Then click "Upload Files", the image will then appear at the bottom of the file manager and look like this:


Check the small box at the bottom right of the image.


Then click the "Insert Inline" button. The image will now appear in the post. From here use the same options starting at step 7 to align image.



On the left of the article you are creating, you'll see your publishing options. This image shows the default settings when creating and article. When you are done with it, set the "Published" option to yes. Make sure the date and time are correct. Here are the options you should check to yes:

Publish - yes
Display Page views - yes
Show Ratings - yes (EDIT: Don't set this yet, still a bug that doesn't allow members to rate)

The rest are already set by default.Next we need to set where we are publishing it to. All new articles will post on the home page, but we need to assign it to a section. Below the publishing options you will see this:


This is sorta self explanatory, reviews go to Product Reviews, interviews go to Interviews etc... If it does not meet a section available just use the featured section.

Don't worry about Categories, Read Access or the rest, just ignore those. You can fill in the Meta keywords if you'd like. Its just like tag words. It helps the spiders know how to what the article is about. If you add interview as a keyword to an interview you are adding, when someone Google's the word interview, the article will pull up as a search result.

The last step is to save it.


To edit an article, mouse over the title of it to see the pencil Icon. Click it to edit the article in the same manner that you created it.

To promote a post/thread to an article, click the promote button below the Post.

Same for promoting a Blog to an article.

I hope I covered it good enough here, if you have any questions just post them in the staff lounge and I'll assist.

Happy publishing....:blink1:

08-10-2010, 12:40 PM
***Reserved for advanced tutorial***

Regular tutorial is above /\

04-04-2011, 04:35 AM
Thanks for the tutorial! I will give this a try next time.

BTW that little Suzie is something else!!!:rofl: