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08-18-2010, 09:31 PM
I know this website has many doors but each is a source of information. If we put everything on one page, it would not only be a long one, it wouldn't be effective. I would like to point out some of these doors to help new members and old members alike.

Here are some of the doors you mayor may not be opening...

Blogs (http://americansheepdog.com/Forum/blog.php) - Members post information and opinions here that may be useful to you and please don't feel shy about starting your own blog, share your opinions and thoughts. I learned a long time ago that I found enjoyment in writing stories and articles about the way I saw things. I soon learned that when I sent them to family members and they sent them to even more people, I found I wasn't the only person that thought that way.
Downloads (http://americansheepdog.com/Forum/downloads.php) - There is some good information here but there could be more and you could help add it. Download information or upload it for others to enjoy. I must review all uploads before they go public to ensure we aren't infringing on any copyrights or that it doesn't have viruses or contain anything that violates our standards. Its a simple procedure and we could use you in building a downloads area full of good, quality information.
Media (http://americansheepdog.com/Forum/media.php?) - Here you can watch videos or contribute to the library of videos by adding your own.
Home Page/Online Magazine (http://americansheepdog.com/Forum/content.php) - Many articles are here as well as gun laws and reciprocity information, product reviews and interviews. Just browse the Magazine Sections widget on the right side to explore all it has to offer.
Social Groups (http://americansheepdog.com/Forum/group.php) - This is an area away from the forums where people can get together to talk about things specific to the group. For the ladies, we have a ladies only group. Join an existing group by clicking join, and a request will be sent to its creator asking for admission if its private. If its a public group you will automatically join. You can also start your own group. Let's say you want to start a 1911 fan club and have a place where other 1911 enthusiasts can join and discuss everything about 1911's. Simply click create group and follow the prompts to set up your own group.
Profiles (http://americansheepdog.com/Forum/member.php?1-UGA) - I'm including a link to my profile as an example. Add content about yourself to your profile if you'd like or visit other members profiles to see if there is more to learn about them. View their photo albums and comment on their photos. These members will receive a notification about your comment and may reply.
Chat Room (http://americansheepdog.com/Forum/misc.php?do=flashchat&room=1) - Here you can meet up with another member or several members to have a "live" chat. No waiting for reply posts and very useful for general chit-chat. The chat is erased upon everyone leaving the room. Create your own temporary chat room that is private and password protected. More info on doing this HERE (http://americansheepdog.com/Forum/showthread.php?3704-How-to-use-the-Chat-Room).

In general, we have more to offer than just forums. Browse all the links, nav-bar links and drop-downs to see what is available, if it is an area that allows you to contribute, please do so as this is a benefit to everyone. Browse the settings tab at the top right corner of the site. This is your personal settings as to how the website is tailored to you. You will find all the areas of your settings on the left side of the screen after clicking the "Settings" link as just mentioned. Customize it to your own personal liking. Speaking of customizing, customize your personal blog and profile page. Make them your own and make the most out of your experience here at ASD. :bigsmile:

08-19-2010, 10:01 AM
Well done, thanks.


08-19-2010, 10:15 PM

thanks a bunch! Your new focus on ASD is definitely showing!