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  1. Wisconsin: Please Attend Tomorrow's Hearing in Madison to Discuss Deer Hunting Regula
  2. Update on Pending Assault on Ammunition Sales in California
  3. Idaho: ‚??Employer Liability Act‚?? Needs Your Help in the Senate!
  4. Bill Seeking to Dismantle Trapping Defeated in Maryland!
  5. Maine: Gun Show/Private Sale Ban Legislation Dealt a Blow!
  6. Obama's bogus gun statistics
  7. Anti-gun laws favor criminals
  8. North Carolina: Gun debate rages on in legislature
  9. URGENT ALERT ** Florida: Humane Society Pushes Bill that Harms Hunters **
  10. Tennessee: Update on Several Pro-Gun Bills!
  11. New York: Gun ownership on the firing line
  12. Pennsylvania: Gov. Rendell set to attack gun rights
  13. L.A. City Council backs federal semi-auto ban
  14. Colorado: Bill eliminating redundant background checks survives
  15. Maine: Bill attacking private sales rejected
  16. Bill Seeking to End Gun Shows in California Moving Forward
  17. Pennsylvania: Join NRA Board Member Ted Nugent and Celebrate Freedom!
  18. Homeland Security agency warns of radicals on right
  19. ABC's Shameful '20/20' Experiment
  20. Bloomberg invades Virginia
  21. New York: Bill would raise hunting age
  22. Pennsylvania: Gov. Rendell calls for semi-auto ban
  23. Oregon: Lawmakers back Right-To-Carry permit privacy
  24. Canada: Government asks gun permit applicants about their love lives
  25. California: High-Capacity Magazines in the Crosshairs!
  26. Missouri: Castle Doctrine Expansion Bill Needs Your Help!
  27. Obama to back Inter-American Arms Treaty
  28. Statement By NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and NRA Chief Lobbyist Chris
  29. Obama blames U.S. guns in Mexico
  30. Top Dem 'dumbfounded' by 'extremism' report
  31. Gun debate grows as NRA meeting nears
  32. Missouri: House votes to allow concealed weapons on college campuses
  33. Bill 'exempts' Alaska from federal gun regulation
  34. South Carolina: Bill allows in car exemption to gun ban
  35. California: Standard Capacity Magazines in the Crosshairs!
  36. New York: Several Anti-Gun Bills to be Heard in the Assembly on Wednesday, April 29
  37. Update on Two Pending Pro-Gun Bills in Nevada
  38. Update on Pending Pro-Gun Bills in Idaho
  39. New York: Five Anti-Gun Bills to be Considered on Tuesday, April 21 in Albany
  40. Senate Commerce Committee to Consider Legislation to Repeal North Carolina‚??s Law Re
  41. Several Firearm Bills Scheduled for Consideration Soon in California!
  42. Wisconsin: Castle Doctrine Self-Defense Bills Introduced in Madison!
  43. Animal ‚??Rights‚?? Extremists Attacking North Carolina‚??s Hunting Heritage
  44. President Obama Announces Support for Firearms Treaty
  45. DHS: How About An Apology For Gun Owners?
  46. "News" Media Trying To Wag The Dog On Gun Control
  47. Gun Control Ad Hits Airwaves In Virginia
  48. Tennessee: Restaurant Carry Passes the Senate Without Any Restricting Amendments, Mov
  49. Obama's gun lies
  50. Wayne LaPierre rips weapons ban bid
  51. Sen. Inhofe Responds to Obama Pledge to Support Gun Treaty
  52. Misleading Mexican gun statistics
  53. Mexico's problems not our laws
  54. Firearms would fix pirates
  55. California: Assemblyman pushes for more equitable Right-to-Carry law
  56. Utah hands out record shattering number of Right-to-Carry permits
  57. Colorado: Senate agrees to waive redundant background checks
  58. Face the Nation Interview with with NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and P
  59. Face the Nation Interview with with NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and P
  60. Hawaii: Important Range Funding Bill Needs Your Help!
  61. Ruling says citizens can challenge gun laws
  62. California: Bill proposed to license ammo vendors
  63. Why can't students say 'guns' in school?
  64. Tennessee: House approves guns in state, local parks
  65. Oklahoma: More are arming themselves
  66. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Holds that the Second Amendment Applies to the States
  67. Wisconsin Attorney General Voices Support for Open Carry
  68. Two Pro-Gun Bills Signed into Law in Kansas!
  69. California: Gun Show Bill to be Heard Next Week!
  70. New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission Could Be Dissolved Under New Bill!
  71. California: Two Anti-Gun Bills to be Heard in Sacramento on Tuesday, April 28!
  72. Obama heeding lesson from ‚??94 gun ban
  73. Bloomberg targets Virginia, guns
  74. California: "Smart Guns" Bill to be Heard in Sacramento on Tuesday, April 28!
  75. Lautenberg renews push to end the private sale of firearms
  76. New York: Bill would require renewal of handgun licenses
  77. South Carolina: Bill allows in car exemption to gun ban
  78. South Carolina: Measure asks voters whether hunting is a right
  79. Wary of gun grab, Pennsylvania activists rally in Harrisburg
  80. Milwaukee Chief to officers: Ignore gun memo
  81. Bill Requiring the Registration of Standard Capacity Magazines Pulled by Author in Ca
  82. Ammunition Sales Restrictions Moving Forward in California
  83. North Carolina‚??s ‚??Puppy Mill‚?? Bill to be Heard Soon!
  84. Idaho: Governor Signs Range Protection Bill!
  85. Wayne LaPierre: Oblivion for Firearm Freedom?
  86. Guns make colleges safer
  87. Western Republicans mull options for concealed gun bill
  88. Tennessee: Bill to close gun records advances in House
  89. FBI doing more background checks, more seek permits
  90. California: Author Pulls ‚??Smart Guns‚?? Bill from Committee Schedule
  91. SCOTUS Plaintiff **** Heller To Speak At Grassroots Workshop Breakfast!
  92. Anti-Gunners Taking Aim at Wisconsin‚??s Second Amendment Freedoms!
  93. Proponents of gun control shooting blanks
  94. Second Amendment makes gun control unconstitutional
  95. Bill for Federal ban on private gun sales proposed
  96. Missouri: Rep. Munzlinger, concealed weapons amendment 'common sense'
  97. Pennsylvannia: Legislation to expand self-defense law
  98. South Carolina: Self Defense Reform Bill Advancing in Columbia!
  99. North Carolina: Bill to Remove Permit to Purchase Pulled From Calendar!
  100. Nebraska: Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Continues to Advance in Lincoln!
  101. Idaho: Several Bills signed by the Governor as Several more Await His Consideration!
  102. New York to Consider Numerous Anti-Gun Bills Next Week!
  103. Connecticut: Anti-Hunting Bill is likely Dead while Pro-Hunting Bill Continues to Pro
  104. Colorado: Important Pro-Gun Reform Bill Awaits House Concurrence!
  105. Alabama: Three Pro-Gun Bills Expected to be Heard Soon!
  106. Two North Carolina Gun Bills to be Considered Next Week!
  107. Brady Campaign And Lautenberg Unite To Mislead And Control--Again
  108. Department Of The Interior Declines To Appeal Parks Ruling
  109. Ninth Circuit Holds that Second Amendment Applies to States
  110. Tiahrt to Holder: Read the Tiahrt Amendment before Drawing False Conclusions
  111. New Jersey: High court to consider Jersey City's gun control law
  112. Alaska: Students demonstrate for concealed carry rights
  113. Pro-Gun Bills Ready to Break Loose in Arizona Legislature
  114. Nugent electrifies gun rights backers
  115. Pennsylvannia: NRA fires back against city's lost, stolen gun law
  116. Assault weapon ban talk increases guns sales
  117. Attack on Gun Shows Dealt a Blow in California!
  118. Jimmy Carter supports failed semi-auto ban
  119. New York: Battle to resume over gun control
  120. Jersey City: Stupid gun law makes no difference
  121. Heavy demand for guns, ammo puts strain on supply chain
  122. North Dakota: Measure aims to get young people to hunt
  123. Washington: Bellingham council shows support for banning gun sales near schools
  124. Delaware: ‚??Gun Owner Privacy Act‚?? Scheduled to be Considered on Thursday!
  125. Important Pro-Gun Resolution to be Considered Tomorrow in Arizona!
  126. Tennessee: Restaurant Carry Bill Needs Your Help!
  127. Montana Expands Self-Defense Rights for Law-Abiding Citizens
  128. Sen. Hatch: Gun rights supporters are misrepresented
  129. New York: State Assembly continues its assault on the Second Amendment
  130. Texas: Bill limits federal gun regulation
  131. Texas: Senate panel looks at right-to-carry on campus
  132. Iowa: Concealed weapon permit requests jump
  133. Georgia: Confiscated gun sales considered
  134. Montana Expands Self-Defense Rights for Law-Abiding Citizens!
  135. Pennsylvania: Harrisburg City Council to Vote on ‚??Lost or Stolen‚?? Ordinance Tonig
  136. Nevada: Apprentice Hunting Bill Scheduled to be Heard in Committee!
  137. North Carolina: Another ‚??Puppy Mill‚?? Bill to be Heard in Raleigh!
  138. Why the Lies About Guns Going to Mexico?
  139. New York: Assembly to vote on microstamping bill
  140. New York: Gun debate shows upstate downstate rift
  141. Montana fires a warning shot over states' rights
  142. Self defense makes sense
  143. Wayne LaPierre: The Gathering Storm Over Guns
  144. Increasing support for gun rights
  145. Re-Introduction of Second Amendment Restoration Act
  146. Pennsylvania: Harrisburg City Council ignores preemption law
  147. Wisconsin: Youth/Mentored Hunting Bills Heard in Madison
  148. Tennessee: Governor Signs Two Pro-Gun Bills into Law!
  149. Update on Two Firearm Bills in Illinois
  150. Ammunition Sales Restrictions Scheduled to be Heard Next Week in California
  151. North Carolina‚??s other ‚??Puppy Mill‚?? Bill Heading to the Senate Finance Committe
  152. BATFE Reform Bill Introduced In U.S. Senate
  153. Failed President Supports Failed Gun Ban
  154. Update on Tennessee Pro-Gun Legislation
  155. Disgraced Law-Breaking Ex-Governor Pushes Gun Control
  156. New York: Albany County Considering Ammunition Registration Law!
  157. New York: ‚??Anti-Gun‚?? Lobby Day Advances Numerous Attacks on Our Second Amendment
  158. Idaho: Two More Pro-Gun Bills Signed as Another is Sent to the Governor for his Consi
  159. Connecticut: ‚??No-Net-Loss‚?? Legislation Heading to the House Floor!
  160. Alabama: ‚??Worker Protection‚?? Bill to be Heard Next Week!
  161. Tennessee: Restaurant Carry Bill Faces Important Vote on Monday!
  162. State Department legal advisor nominee advocates global gun control
  163. Utah: Legislators interested in states' rights gun bill
  164. Lawmaker aims at making Texas made and owned firearms exempt from federal regulation
  165. Gun rights attack chock full of holes
  166. NRA event may pump $70 million into Phoenix
  167. Colorado: Important Pro-Gun Reform Heading to the Governor!
  168. North Dakota: Youth Hunting Bill Signed by the Governor!
  169. New Jersey: Governor Signs Sunday Bow Hunting Measure!
  170. Tennessee: Bill protecting permit holder privacy clears House
  171. Oregon: Lawmakers close handgun records
  172. Arizona: Bill would bar gun bans for parked vehicles
  173. New York City: DA canditate reveals anti-gun platform
  174. Florida: 'Castle doctrine' protects right to self-defense
  175. NRA‚??s Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2009: A Celebration of American Values Phoenix, Ar
  176. Pennsylvania‚??s Hunting Heritage is in Jeopardy!
  177. GA College Student Shoots, Kills Home Invader
  178. Support waning for new gun laws
  179. Environmentalism over the Second Amendment
  180. Life after Heller
  181. Illinois: Teenagers gather to support gun rights
  182. Castle Doctrine Self-Defense Bill Introduced in the Keystone State!
  183. Two Important Pro-Hunting, Pro-Gun Bills Pending Action in Vermont!
  184. Tennessee: Restaurant Carry Moves out of Conference Committee
  185. California: Ammunition Sales Restrictions One Step Closer to Defeat
  186. Two Important Bills Pending Action in Vermont!
  187. Senators Enzi and Barrasso: Loop holes threaten gun rights
  188. Massachusetts: Governor Patrick seeks gun rationing
  189. Montana: State exempts guns from federal regulations
  190. Germany to curb gun rights
  191. Colorado: Students plan to appeal judge's ruling on campus gun ban
  192. Governor Files Anti-Gun Bill in the Bay State
  193. Restaurant Carry Bill Takes a Step Forward in the Volunteer State
  194. Justice Dept. Finds Flaws in F.B.I. Terror List
  195. Range Protection Bill Advancing in Nebraska!
  196. Arizona: House favors right to keep guns in parked vehicles
  197. Massachusetts: Governor Patrick files anti-gun bill
  198. California: Anti-gun legislation shelved
  199. Ohio: Number of right-to-carry permits rises sharply
  200. Important Pro-Gun Bill Moving Forward in Arizona!
  201. H.R. 2324--Aiming At Registering Gun Owners And Putting Gun Shows Out Of Business
  202. H.R. 2296 -BATFE Reform Bill Introduced In U.S. House
  203. Polling Data Shows That Most Americans Oppose New Gun Control
  204. Joyce Foundation's Investment In Violence Policy Center Yields Poor Return
  205. No Surprises Here
  206. Numerous Pro-Gun Bills Advancing in the Volunteer State!
  207. Louisiana: Two Gun Bills to be Heard on Tuesday!
  208. Idaho: ‚??Employer Liability Act‚?? Signed by Governor Otter!
  209. Alabama: ‚??Worker Protection‚?? Bill Successfully Passes the House!
  210. Campus Personal Protection Act To Be Voted On By Texas House Next Week!
  211. Next step? No guns allowed for right wing 'extremists'
  212. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Rep. Space (D-Ohio) sponsor BATFE Reform Act of 2009
  213. Illinois: NRA lawsuit against Evanston remains pending
  214. On guns, the elites are out of touch
  215. Arizona: House bill that would boost gun rights moves to Senate
  216. Sportsmen, hunters an integral part of New York State economy
  217. Arming Sailors: Gun-free zones are dangerous at sea
  218. Gun Shows Under Attack in Minnesota!
  219. Vote on Parking Lot Bill Scheduled for Tomorrow in Arizona!
  220. Pennsylvania: Poaching Penalty Legislation Misses It‚??s Mark!
  221. ***ALERT for All Florida CCW License Holders***
  222. North Carolina: Future of Permit to Purchase Removal Bill Now Uncertain
  223. Lawsuit against gunmaker tossed
  224. State Department nominee Koh's goal for the legal trade in arms: Ban it
  225. Utah: New laws allow guns in vehicles
  226. Tennessee: Senate to vote on loaded rifles, shotguns in cars
  227. Louisiana: House panel to debate guns on campus
  228. Missouri: Senate Committee hears campus gun bill
  229. Gun Shows Under Attack in Minnesota!
  230. Senate backs amendment to allow guns in national parks
  231. Oregon: Pass right-to-carry privacy
  232. Louisiana: House committee moves to allow guns on campus
  233. Pennsylvania: Lancaster Mayor ignores pre-emption law
  234. Germany to tighten gun control, ban paintball
  235. Nevada: Apprentice Hunting Bill Passes Committee, Heads to House Floor!
  236. ‚??Lost or Stolen‚?? Ordinance Revived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  237. Alabama: Time Running Out to Pass Pro-Gun Reform Bill!
  238. Weakened Concealed Handgun License Confidentiality Bill Moves to the Senate Judiciary
  239. Nebraska: Important Pro-Gun Reform Bill Heads to Governor‚??s Desk as Range Protectio
  240. Louisiana: Gun Ban Hearing Re-Scheduled, Campus Carry Bill Passes in Committee
  241. Parking Lot Bill Passes House, Heads to Senate in Arizona!
  242. ***URGENT - TAX Imposed on Second Amendment Rights in Florida!
  243. Democrats divided on gun legislation
  244. States' gun rights: The next Constitutional battlefield
  245. Mexican data overstates weapons traced to the U.S.
  246. Arizona: House OKs legislation expanding gun rights
  247. Restaurant Carry Bill Passes Senate, Heads to Governor‚??s Desk in the Volunteer Stat
  248. Two Utah Self-Defense Laws Go into Effect!
  249. Nevada: Clark County Shooting Park Opponents Defeated in District Court
  250. Phoenix: NRA Annual Meeting comes to town