View Full Version : fitting video for veterans' day

11-12-2009, 05:23 PM
hey....i was hardly online at all until late last night, so i imagine i missed a "happy veterans' day" thread or two. this is a song i have loved for 18 years, and continue to, and the video is very fitting for such an occasion. i realize this is probably not the musical speed of very many on here, but i hope you can stomach it enough to take in the video imagery.

if any of you remember the christian metal rockers Stryper from the 80s, this is them. anyway....lyrics posted below.

YouTube- Stryper - Believe

Look what we can do When we get together
And give support To those on the lines
It's our sons and daughters
Our sisters and brothers
Let's show them we cared If they lived or died

In this land of freedom There's riots in the streets
All in the name of peace
If we stand in unity We'll win with dignity
Our strength has said it all
Pray and believe

The wars through the ages Have taken so many lives
I think of their faces And the fear in their eyes
With hearts made of courage And souls filled with fire
Those who fight for their freedom Let's lift their names higher

Repeat Chorus