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01-03-2010, 04:49 PM
Many years ago I was active in collecting WWII bolt action rifles. I still have a handful including a German Browning Hi-Power 9mm with all stamps and markings.

I've converted one Czech 8mm rifle into a great hunting rifle. I've done a little gunsmithing to it myself, trigger job and re-crowned the barrel. I love that rifle, heavy but accurate. Speaking of favorites, I have two others that I really enjoy.

One is an Russian M44 Carbine (7.62x54R). Its a short trench rifle that really packs a wallop, not sure how those guys fired that thing all the time, one trip to the range will leave you sore and battered.

The other is an M91/30 made in Finland (7.62x54R). This rifle is very accurate! The long barrel makes it a little awkward but it's accurate. Did I mention it's accurate? I would really love to get my hands on a Russian M91/30 PE Sniper version. 3-4 years ago you could still get one in Shotgun News for $399 in near excellent shape with the scope. Not sure what they are now as I haven't checked.

Still on the wish list is an M1 Garand D (Sniper) but who wouldn't settle for a plain 'ole Garand right?

01-04-2010, 09:05 AM
While you have a preference for long barrels, I like the carbine, brush gun stuff. Because of stupidity, I no longer own any old, ex-military long guns but all the ones I had were carbines, too (30 cal, Enfield, etc.) Don't really have any place to shoot the high powered stuff anymore anyway, so what I do have (7mm, .308) is just taking space... I just can't bear to get rid of it. :hmm:

01-26-2010, 10:08 AM
I had at one time a number of muskets from the Revolutionanry war, some civil war stuff, a couple rifles from WWII, all but one were junk, horrible condition, and I was a punk kid so they went away.
Could shoot myself for that......

I have 2 in the safe that are considered collectors now. The first is a Bayard Model 1908 (I think). Made in Belgium around 1939. My great uncle took it off of a German Officer in WWII. The flap holster has a stamp on it that has the Nazi Eagle, some farfignugen word and the date 1939. The gun itself is a 7.62mm, or 32ACP. It will shoot, but I will not shoot it. It is in fair to good condition and has 1 magazine. The slide and frame have the German military acceptance stamps on them.

The other is one of my favorite guns. A model 1892 Winchester lever action in 25-20WCF. It was made in 1915, it is now almost 100 years old and I shoot it about once a year. Heavy octogon barrel, very tight action, wood in great shape. At some point in its life someone covered the whole thing in shellac and it has preserved it very well, although I would like to restore it someday. I still have several hundred rounds of factory ammo for it, and I have the dies to reload. Remington still makes the brass and bullets and there is still reloading data available for it. My granddad and my dad both shot thier first deer with it. A very accurate rifle.

12-08-2010, 07:17 PM
I am not a collector of sort, but I did acquire a Springfield 1903 (O3A3) with the military designation stamped on the rifle. I have shot it twice and then put it to rest! It shot high and right with modern ammo. A gunsmith told me that the sights would have to be modified to bring it back. I chose not to modify the sights to leave it in its "origional" condition.