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03-12-2009, 09:29 PM
Posted March 12, 2009. The forum will be updated this weekend with new security measures and updated software. I make it a point to keep the latest version of the vBulletin software running to take advantage of security measures as well as new features. If you attempt to log on the forum while this is being done, a box will appear and notify you when it went offline and when I expect it to be back online. This usually takes 1/2 an hour.

I will also post notice of future updates beneath this post in this scheduled maintenance thread.

04-05-2009, 10:01 PM
Posted April 5, 2009

The forum is scheduled for another software update Monday, April 6th. This will be done tomorrow sometime between 6pm et and midnight. It should only take 30 minutes or less. As always, you will see an info box telling you when it started and when it is expected to be complete.;)