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04-01-2009, 07:48 PM
This has also been emailed to each member.

We are proud to announce our first Prize Giveaway Contest for the month of April.

Prize: A SmartCarry holster.

Details: Medium size, for sub-compact and compact semi-auto’s with a 3” and 4” barrel.

How it will work:

Since we are fairly new to the internet, being less than a year old, we have a lot more growing to do, and we could use a little help from our members. For the month of April we will be keeping track of referrals. The member with the most referrals between now and midnight on April 30th, will win the prize. For each new member you get to join The American Sheepdog Forum, you will get a referral.

Think of it this way, if each member only recruited one member, we would double in size in one month, two referrals and we would triple our membership etc. Obviously this is an attempt to get new members, but if you like what we are doing by providing a service free of charge to the concealed carry community, we would appreciate your support. More members = more sponsors. More sponsors = more services that we can provide for you. One of our goals is to offer a prize giveaway each month, but we need the support of our members and sponsors to make it work.

I expect the winner of this contest to have less than 5 referrals. You could easily be the winner!

What to do:

If you have family members or friends that would be interested in us, ask them to join. During the registration process there is an option to add the name of the person that referred them to join. There they must put your username in the box to show you as their referrer. The forum will automatically add them to your referral list.

You can also use the forum to get referrals.

In the navigation bar at the top of the forum, click the “Invite Friends” button. There you can send an email to anyone you feel may want to join. The email will be sent from your username, if they do not know you by your username, there is the option to add your real name so they will know who you are. If they join using the same email address that you used to send them the email, the forum will automatically add them to your referral list.

Don’t worry about a missed referral if they forgot to put in your member name, or signed up with a different email address other than the one used in the “Invite Friends” option. We can also manually add new members to your referrals; we would simply need to confirm with the new member that you referred them.

Thank you for your support, and thank you for being a member of The American Sheepdog Forum.:)

04-16-2009, 07:51 PM
Current status of contest as of April 16th.

We have 9 new members so far and only 1 is currently confirmed as a referral.

If you have referred one of the new members, be sure let me know so I can confirm it with them. I've seen a good effort by a couple members using the "Invite Friends" option, and I wanted to say Thank You for the effort. In fact, that is where the confirmed referral came from.

Take care...

P.S. I've been wearing a second identical holster this month for a product review and I have no complaints so far, its actually very nice. The review will be posted on the main ASD site this month.

04-28-2009, 12:57 PM
April is coming to an end. If you have joined because you were referred and failed to add your referrers name when you joined, now is the time to let me know. I will be sending a PM to all members that have a referral this month.

The winner will be announced soon!:)