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  1. Winchester's Avatar
    Very well said. Jefferson was a truly enlightened hero.
  2. NWFFT's Avatar
    Count me in. The idea is great!
  3. Rossi's Avatar
    Nice idea.

    Would be glad to help out.

  4. mmszbi's Avatar
    I like the idea Phillip!
  5. SkivMarine's Avatar
    Like most criminals, "gangstas" are cowards by nature. They look for the easy way through life. They don't take responsibility for their actions. They look for the weak to attack.
    A standard gunfight between gangstas is done by the "spray and pray" method. Drive by shootings being the prime example. If they are going to kill a rival gang member they don't do it by standing in front of them on the street and saying; "Draw, ya yella bellied side-winda!"
    Also, one gangsta pretty much knows that another gangsta has a weapon of some kind and will not attack without help. One-on-one shootings are the exception rather than the rule.
    With a potential victim they are off guard. And like any predator they will pause to determine weather the risk is worth the reward. Will their victim give in? Or will their victim decide NOT to be a victim and fight back?
    In one instance there is certainty. And with that they can be ready to attack.
    In the other instance there is UN-certainty. And they can't be sure if they can attack or not.
    And that is the fundamental difference between the gangsta and the law abiding.
  6. texengineer's Avatar
    "If they make a movie about this experience of mine, who do you think should play me in the movie? Brad Pitt? Nah, too girly, and definite not good-looking enough"

    HAHA!! Maybe Christian Bale or Robert Downey Jr. Batman or Ironman would definitely not be girly, but both would still fall short on good looks. It's a trade-off situation really.

    I hope that you made it the rest of the way home safely, and enjoyed the Superbowl in the comfort of your own home! Or potentially the comfort of the home of a friend with a bigger TV (that's what I did )
  7. dnola's Avatar
    I was afraid that was going to happen to you but I expected it to be in Ohio, not in Charlotte. Sorry UGA. Maybe soon!
  8. dnola's Avatar
    Thanks for this post UGA. He is absolutely correct.
  9. Eccentric's Avatar
    Beautifully put. God help us all.
  10. Sgt T's Avatar
    Very Good.

    When Thomas Jefferson spoke of "no law respecting the establishment of religion" he was referring to the establishment of a state sponsored religion, such as the Anglican Church in England. He was not talking about respecting religious establishments.

    In reality whenever the government passes legislation prohibiting a religious activity on public land, such as a manger on a court house lawn, the government is violating the spirit of the 1st Amendment. Currently in California there is a big legal battle over a cross that stands in a veterans cemetary. The cross has been covered with plywood because some atheist, who has no family in the cemetary, was offended by it. The fact that thousands of veterans families love it doesn't seem to matter to the 9th Circuit Court. The cross was put up over 60 years ago by a veterans group. It was not paid for with tax payer money.

    A noisy minority, who really aren't offended by any of the issues they complain about, are destroying the values of the other 95% of Americans, just because they can.

    The Bill of Rights doesn't actually give us our freedoms. The Bill of Rights merely codefies and numerates them for the express purpose letting the government know what it's limits are. The Declaration of Independence states, "WE hold the Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" While not expressly stated, the right to self-defense is included in "Life." Our rights cannot be granted by men, but by our Creator. However, our rights can be taken away by men if we are not constantly vigilant.
  11. Rossi's Avatar
    It's been a huge undertaking, but something that I think you will be proud of when the dust settles.

    I've never designed a site, but I can imagine what creative juices are flowing to pull a project like this together.

    I'm sure I can speak for many...we appreciate it.

  12. UGA's Avatar
    Me too! :)
  13. dnola's Avatar
    Can't wait for it to all come together.

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