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  1. The Brady spin machine

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    By Phillip Williams || ASD Founder

    In the last 20 years, great progress has been made in allowing law-abiding citizens to carry handguns for protection. In recent years larger victories have been seen in SCOTUS decisions regarding the 2nd Amendment itself. This has, to say the least, been a heavy blow to the anti-gun crowd. All too often we hear their rebuttals and rants in the mainstream ...
  2. Heat seeking bullets?

    All too often, someone in the gun control crowd tries to make a statement and give a compelling argument in the ban of this or that. The following video is of a group giving a press conference about banning .50 caliber rifles and ammunition from civilians with the common rhetoric of only the police and military should have them. See for yourself...

    Real incendiary bullets are military grade. They are illegal for civilian purchase ...
  3. The Frailty of Freedom

    The freedom we possess in the United States of America is both envied and hated by people of other nations. The same could be said of people here inside the United States. There are large numbers of people that want to re-write our Bill of Rights and they seek to take from us, freedom as we know it to be. Our Founding Fathers foresaw the frailty of freedom, and constructed the Constitution to create the new world of America. They had escaped the tyranny and oppressive rule of King George III through ...

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