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  1. shibmaster's Avatar
    That is great information! I plan on doing this pretty soon and was about to start doing research on it. Now I have a little bit better understanding of how it works and how to go about doing it.

  2. NWFFT's Avatar
    I would love to get Sgt T "engineering dimensions" on the legal object.
  3. texengineer's Avatar
    I haven't had the chance to try this yet since I haven't flown anywhere since I received my permit. I will be going to Florida for a little while around Christmas though, and I plan on bringing my Rami along. The process of checking it in my luggage is pretty straight forward as I understand it. My concern is when I'm unarmed.

    Sgt T showed Brit and I a handy tool while we were shooting together a month or 2 ago. It was a solid core pressure point rod that was disguised as an extra large sharpie marker. He said that it is legal to carry it on an airplane.

    Care to post on it Sgt T?

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