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American Sheepdog - Entries for February 2010 - Blogs
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Sgt T

  1. 86,400

    I use to give the cadets that were graduating from bootcamp a rubber bracelet that had "WWSgtTD" on one side and "86400" on the other. The "WWSgtTD" is probably fairly obvious in it's meaning, "What Would Sgt T Do?" After spending eight months at bootcamp and hearing my many lectures about right and wrong, and my own conservative slant on things, I would tell the cadets that if they were in doubt about something that they should ask themselves WWSgtTD? I know ...
  2. Front Sight, Day 2

    At Front Sight "regular" students classes start at 0800. Instructor Development students, like the instructors, have to show up earlier to set up their range, do dry practice, or prep for lectures. At 0700 we all showed up and set up our range and prepared for our presentations. Each student had a meeting with Mr Bishop and Mr Morello.

    During my meeting Mr Bishop, Mr Morello and I discussed the logistics and prerequisites of becoming an instructor. Mr Bishop and Mr Morello ...

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