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  1. Damaged_1's Avatar
    I must admit I don't do a lot with it. I should be getting a new job in a week about. Hopefully then I will be trading 28,800 of my 86,400 for money...... errr.. I mean, ammo tickets.
  2. Rossi's Avatar
    I know, as with most others, that my 86K400 could be spent better.....even the sleep part. Many times I don't even do that part as well as I should....worrying about business issues, that after you are gone, won't amount to anything anyway.

    A good reminder.

  3. mmszbi's Avatar hat is off to you and my heart with your mom. You are truly a standup guy to put family over all else and at great personal expense and time.
    My hats off to Front Site for their offer of a paid for return.
  4. UGA's Avatar
    Sgt T, I'm sorry for the abrupt end to the training session, however I'm even more concerned for your mother as are you. I know that Front Sight looks forward to your return and your ability/skill will serve you well with them. I continue my prayers for her, and you as well. You would make a great instructor at Front Sight, they know that, & we know that. I hope all is well for you and yours...

    These blog updates are great for the ASD family, it keeps us informed and I thank you for them, again, I hope all is well.

  5. kenlefeb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rkbartley
    Bishop is a good guy...glad he is one of your Range Masters. He is no nonsense, tough as nails and has the patience of Job...and a really great sense of humor. Morello sounds familiar but I can't place a face with the name.
    I heartily second rkbartley's commendation for Bishop. He was my rangemaster, last year, and he was firm but patient, as rkbartley said.

    I think Morello did most of the speaking during our classroom sessions, but I never experienced him on the range itself.
  6. kenlefeb's Avatar
    If I'd been paying attention to your blog, I'd have tried to hook you up with my brother, Daniel, who works at Tinker and is coming with me to Front Sight in March...

    Oh well... I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your blog entries.
  7. Bebo's Avatar
    Salsa ... Salsa .. isnt that what you put on tacos??? Have no doubt you will do great at the training and interviews .. but good luck anyway .. work hard.
  8. rkbartley's Avatar
    Bishop is a good guy...glad he is one of your Range Masters. He is no nonsense, tough as nails and has the patience of Job...and a really great sense of humor. Morello sounds familiar but I can't place a face with the name.

    Don't stress the stoppage drills, once you get the rhythm it will just flow naturally. Think of them as a dance steps with your hands...any guy that can dance salsa can work stoppages successfully!

    Thanks for taking the time to post here....enjoying seeing it through your eyes!

  9. mmszbi's Avatar
    The landscape between the Colorado border and I-15 going thru Utah is one of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen. Yep, well worth driving it.
  10. mmszbi's Avatar
    I finally get to get online. Really enjoyed dinner with Bebo and Scott, Bebo, thanks for dinner.
    Michele and I really enjoyed you two at dinner. Scott, hopefully you actually got some food in ya as i know I asked a LOT of questions. Your experiences are so very interesting. Hope you enjoyed your tour of our little burg with Bill.
  11. rkbartley's Avatar
    Vegas traffic is a hoot....that town really needs an outer loop!

    Really enjoying your blog Scott, can hardly wait for the next installment.

  12. Bebo's Avatar
    Yep, when Scott threw his pistol into the snow and stepped on it ... I thought to myself, yep rosemary is right ..not enough oxygen for those Texans up here .. guess he will start talking crazy next .. sure enough he started talking crazy and wanted to know if i wanted to throw my beautiful Kimber into the snow ... well heck no!!!
    It was a great pleasure to have you stay over Scott and good luck and hard work at your testing at front sight...
  13. Bebo's Avatar
    well, It looks like scott is well on the road to the last eight hours before reaching his destination. we had a couple inches of snow last night so it might be a little adventure for a few hours and he might hit some snow on the road heading for utah ... drive careful and god speed, scott .. enjoyed your visit.
  14. Rossi's Avatar
    It was indeed my pleasure to host an ASD bud. You can talk to one 5 minutes, and you know he is somebody who will cover your Six.

    Glad to be a part of the trip. Come anytime.

  15. rkbartley's Avatar
    Bebo, if you keep this up Michael won't let you shoot the AR nice now.

    You two guys have a good day and don't trouble yourselves by thinking of all of us that are having to "hold the fort" at work while y'all are having all the fun.

  16. Bebo's Avatar
    Scott, it is a pleasure having you here and we will be seeing some grand sights tomorrow .. bet you dont know why they call this place "Grand Junction" .. well it is because this is where the colorado and gunnison river join together and form the mighty colorado river, we will see it tomorrow.... remind me to text Michael and remind him how much fun it is to shoot while he is at work ..
  17. Bebo's Avatar
    13 hours to colorado, and the first half will be long and boring but the second half will be thru the passes of colorado and require some careful driving .... go slow and easy and looking forward to your arrival .. the good part is that Pahrump is an easy 8 hour drive from grand junction so it will not be too tough from here.
  18. UGA's Avatar
    You are making me jealous! That sounds like a lot of fun, meeting members and all. I bet its really nice getting a face to face with people we've met and made friends with here. That's just fantastic. Have fun Sgt T, be safe...
  19. mmszbi's Avatar
    The journey begins! Hope you are having the time of your life with the limited time you have alloted yourself.
    Bebo and I are looking forward to meeting you, at least hopefully I will be able to. I get home from work at 9pm when you are in our town, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!
  20. Rossi's Avatar
    We are comrades in interest. I enjoy, and never fail to marvel at WW II history and the greatest generation.

    I was in the hospital overnight in January of this year, and my roommate was a Biker friend's step father. He is 84, very sharp, and is a farmer in a small town south of the hospital.

    We got to talking that evening, and under my direct question, he admitted to being in the second wave at Iwo Jima. He was in the Cee Bees (Navy Construction Battalion). His post on the LST (Landing Ship, Tank) was a .50 caliber machine gun, and after landing, he jumped down on his road grader to drive it on off.

    He was active in the rebuilding of both air strips, both still being contested at the time. He offered nothing except one small story where one of his shipmates became a wealthy landowner, having bought land all over California. Was only outbid one Bob Hope.

    We talked all night, but I had to drag out every bit of it. He would fully answer....but he never offered anything except that one little story. It wasn't all about the war, although allot of it was. The rest was the Depression years and the Dust Bowl in parts of Kansas. All very interesting but also sad.

    Andrew could have flown one of my mom's bombers. She was a welder, later promoted to an Inspector. They built the B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber under contracts with Consolidated, at the Douglas plant at Tulsa. Sometimes she would speak about those days....there was so much stress in the Inspector's job. Everyone was so afraid that they would miss something, and a part would fail at a critical time, and the Inspectors were the final ones to see it prior to assembly. Work ethic was an unknown phrase during those desperate times.

    Andrew sounds like an interesting character, thanks for the narrative.

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