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  1. The Morgan Stanley Capital International Europe

    [img] nonetheless, they must attempt to be avoided to begin with. As an example, you could utilize a breast of drawers that operates as a table desk along with espresso workdesk.That's unpleasant, yet you say you could cope with that. In that event, there would be no SIPC protection as to such investment, unless the financial investment is held in an unique profile margining account (see 15 U.S.C. SIPC is not a regulator. ...
  2. exotic leather holsters ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bebo View Post
    A friend of mine here in Grand Junction Colorado, makes and sells exotic holsters and has asked me to test wear one of his holsters. His holsters are made from alligator, black cobra, python, camel, on and on these exotic holsters are pretty nice and can be found at Nottingham customs LLP. you can always drop me a line to ask questions .. I think he charges about $125.00 for the holsters. I am testing a alligator in waste band holster for a kimber CDP with three inch barrel and so far the only thing
  3. Packing Gun on Airline Travel

    I have not seen this discussed in this forum, but it is discussed a lot on many other gun forums, so I thought I would just provide a few tips that I have encountered when air traveling with a gun...yes, I take a gun everywhere that I can legally! YES you can take a gun on an airline to your destination...but you must first ensure that your permit is recognized by the state you are traveling to...and yes the state you are traveling to must be in reciprocity with the state which you are from. You ...
  4. Pocket Carry Why not give it a try?

    “Pocket Carry” Why not give it a try?

    Pocket Carry, it's nothing new but with the advancements in handgun technology and small caliber ammunition advances it is making a come back. I say come back due to the fact that in years past it was more common than you think. Contrary to the western movies many citizens in the day carried some type small pocket pistol. Yes the cowboys and gunslingers had guns holstered on their hips but many businessmen and women had heat ...
  5. Why?

    Did you ever wonder why Arizona's SB1070, a bill endorsed by 73% of Arizona's citizens, and 66% nationwide, can't get by the courts? Or why California's Proposition 187, limiting welfare for illegal aliens and favored by 88% of California's population is declared unconstitutional? Why have the news outlets thrown away their vigilance of government, and now whore for the Left? Why is one of the Left's major constituents single mothers under 30?

    Angelo M Codevilla, professor emeritus ...
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  6. Member permission to create articles

    Name:  ASD1..png
Views: 2315
Size:  5.2 KBI'm looking to add a special usergroup with permission to create articles to the online magazine. These permissions would allow you to create and publish your own articles directly on the front page and have other permissions that give you more control and access. This is an effort to increase content and allow those members that show an above average interest and participation to have privileges like direct website control. The are functions and buttons unseen to average ...
  7. The Brady spin machine

    Click image for larger version. 

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    By Phillip Williams || ASD Founder

    In the last 20 years, great progress has been made in allowing law-abiding citizens to carry handguns for protection. In recent years larger victories have been seen in SCOTUS decisions regarding the 2nd Amendment itself. This has, to say the least, been a heavy blow to the anti-gun crowd. All too often we hear their rebuttals and rants in the mainstream ...
  8. Heat seeking bullets?

    All too often, someone in the gun control crowd tries to make a statement and give a compelling argument in the ban of this or that. The following video is of a group giving a press conference about banning .50 caliber rifles and ammunition from civilians with the common rhetoric of only the police and military should have them. See for yourself...

    Real incendiary bullets are military grade. They are illegal for civilian purchase ...
  9. Insane Dream 7-8-10

    I woke up and HAD to write this down. Maybe I can find a dream mapper at work and have them look at it. Last night I was drinking some beers with a buddy and watching .... You know what :) , I think I kinda know why the dream was the way it iwas now. We were watching Invisible Empire and Don't Tread On Me on youtube. My bud passed out "he had to drive across Texas a couple hours later anyway" and I watched some Beavis and Butthead and an episode of the show Oz. Anyway, here is the dream. ...
  10. "You Were Born, And Then What Happened....."

    Force Science News, Transmission #149 dated 7May10, discusses interrogation of subjects and witnesses. This is not really something shooters need all the time, but interesting to our LEO's or others. Actually, I was amazed.....we have come so far in law enforcement, but let this important skill erode. The title of the blog was the phrase I was taught, sometimes adding ..."Give me the Reader's Digest version, starting last Saturday night".

    One horrid, ...
  11. Will The Camera See The Same Thing You Do?

    In Force Science News, Transmission 147, the subject was films of an incident, against what the participant remembers about the same event. Many times these will simply not match up. FSNews study the reasons why this is, and suggests the best technique for reporting such instances.

    What brought this to mind, was the array of cameras available in the Times Square bombing recently.Yes, I must call this a bombing, because it was successful. The bomb was constructed, and driven to it's ...
  12. Ammo Dump

    At least once a year since 2006, someone drags out this email with alleged comments by Sheriff Grady Judd. Although a little bombastic, there was indeed such a shooting. Here, Snopes recaps the alleged incident:


    An illegal alien in Polk County Florida who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop ended up 'executing' the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times,
    including once behind his right ear at ...

    Updated 03-20-2010 at 02:47 PM by Rossi

  13. 86,400

    I use to give the cadets that were graduating from bootcamp a rubber bracelet that had "WWSgtTD" on one side and "86400" on the other. The "WWSgtTD" is probably fairly obvious in it's meaning, "What Would Sgt T Do?" After spending eight months at bootcamp and hearing my many lectures about right and wrong, and my own conservative slant on things, I would tell the cadets that if they were in doubt about something that they should ask themselves WWSgtTD? I know ...
  14. Stranded in Charlotte

    Leaving Ohio yesterday was a little crazy. A large winter storm was moving in and I needed to fly back home after 3 weeks in the buckeye state. Once arriving at the airport in Dayton, I was a nervous ball of energy expecting any second that my flight would be canceled. After all, it was snowing heavily with a good 6 inches on the ground in a couple hours. Charlotte announced that they were good to go and didn't expect any bad weather until Saturday, so this meant that once I left Dayton, all was ...
  15. "The Danger To America"

    On a quiet afternoon the other week, a missile wandered onto my radar screen, the electronic equivalent of a written document rapped in a rock and "thrown over the transom".

    It was from a Texas border watch bud, who advised he had not verified the Reuters part, but asked for a second opinion about the narrative.

    The missile read:

    A comment on Reuters

    “The danger to America is not Barack ...
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