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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Many Have Been Appeased
  • Many Have Been Appeased

    In the time that the Obama administration and its considerable staff have been in power, there has been little evidence of the anticipated anti-gun legislation. Maybe we were wrong!

    Donít even think it. We were not wrong. The entire Obama staff is laced with anti-gun sentiment from the Attorney General, Eric Holder, on down the food chain. These people were not picked for their outstanding citizenship or their love of their country. Many were picked for one reason and that reason is to ďGet rid of the guns.Ē

    The healthcare issue and the economy have forced the gun issues to the back burner. Healthcare has stymied the administration and the liberal congress since January. They have found it more difficult than they anticipated to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people. But believe me, they have not given up. The latest ploy being considered is for the Senate to pass a healthcare bill without the very controversial ďpublic optionĒ and then add it back in later as an amendment when they only need 51 votes to pass it. They are very aware that they cannot get the 60 votes necessary if the public option remains part of the bill that would be voted upon. Never the less, I believe that some type of healthcare bill that we cannot afford will be passed before year-end because egg on the face of the ruling party would be very humiliating.

    That leaves the economic recession sizzling on the front of the stove. Rest assured that the current administration is going to attempt to spend their way out of this one, even more so than they already have. How best do you create a liberal? You do it by making his/her livelihood depend on government subsidies. You get more and more people working for the big boss. You make more and more promises to everyone that does not want to work. You turn your back so that you canít see the illegal immigration problem. You fast track those illegalís to citizenship so that they can vote for you. You put more and more people on public assistance so that they will vote for you. You take over public companies with taxpayer funds and give the ownership to unions that you can control. The trend goes on and on and it is all funded by taxpayer dollars. You buy liberal votes with money from the middleclass. When youíve bankrupted them also, you now have control. There, we now have the recession out of the road.

    NOW itís time for gun control. Iíll predict the summer of 2010 will start the assault on guns and gun ownership. There will be a build up of misleading statistic and outright lies, like the U.S. private citizens supplying the cartels in Mexico with 90% of the weapons they use. The liberal media will whip it into a fevered frenzy every night on the evening news in an attempt to diminish the influence of the gun rights and 2nd amendment advocates whom we all know are nothing but Astroturf freaks. The liberals will not make the mistake they made with the town hall meetings. It will be planned, orchestrated and carried out so that every decent American will realize how blood thirsty and paranoid all of us gun nuts really are. Every piece of gun violence will be put up front; from gang and drug wars to domestic violence to illegal gun activities. As a matter of fact, the honorable mayor of NYC started the ball rolling by hiring dozens of private investigators to check up on gun show sales. You can bet that they were paid by a grant from the White House but covered under the guise of liberal city politics. New York City is too broke to have done it. I believe that the recent gun show video footage was released several months early to offset the negative impact of the footage of ACORN doing their misdeeds.

    It would not surprise me to see the justice department attempt to delay the ruling on the Chicago gun ban. They need another vote on the Supreme Court to assure the defeat of the gun rights people and that opening could happen at any time.

    There will be an onslaught of cases filed by the justice department to exemplify the evil of guns. There will be gruesome footage on ABC, CBS and NBC of murders that have taken place in the last ten years. There will be videos of confiscated gun caches taken from the anti-government militias. This time all the Wounded Knee and Waco crowds will be on the other side, pushing the FBI and ATF for the seizure of all these unwarranted guns in the hands of red-neck vigilante citizens.

    You donít think itís possible? Donít hold your breath. We are on the slipperiest slope this nation has been asked to endure in the last 68 years and very possibly in the last 200 years. Just last Friday (9-2-09) the Obama administration backed, actually co-sponsored, the UNís call for a more limited freedom of expression and to limit any free speech that the UN might consider an abuse in any country that they are active in. You all know where the UN Headquarters is located! It seems that we are going down a road that will totally ignore our constitution.
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