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  • Ted Nugent Interview

    Ted Nugent- 2nd Amendment Warrior

    By Tim Medlin, (a.k.a. Zen) July 23, 2009 for

    Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct a short interview with one of our most outspoken 2nd Amendment Warriors, Mr. Ted Nugent. Ted is known as one of the best and most successful rock guitarists in the history of rock-n-roll, but Nugent is also an avid hunter, a member of the NRA board of directors, and champion of gun owners rights.
    While some may argue that Ted is “over the top”, there are many more who believe in what Ted has to say and agree that the current White House administration is poised to try and strip the rights of Americans, one at a time.

    : American Sheepdog has created a free community gathering place with resourceful information for legally armed citizens, and those inquiring to become legally armed. How important are small grassroots groups, in defense of the Second Amendment?

    : WE THE PEOPLE activism is critical on all levels. Certainly membership in the NRA is Job One for all freedom and gun loving Americans, but as we know, all politics are local, and every citizen should be as active as possible to the entire Second Amendment community communicating as diligently and intensely as possible on all levels so that we are all on the same page. God bless the Sheepdogs.

    : I know this might be a tough call, but what is your favorite handgun & long gun?

    : I dearly love them all, and own most, but when it comes right down to it, my daily carry gun is a Glock M20 in 10mm and my favorite rifle is my old Remington 788 boltgun in .243

    : In your opinion, what will it take to get the anti-hunting activists to realize that without hunters many of our wildlife conservation programs (usually funded by hunting permits in many states) will fail, and why would these same anti-hunting groups prefer to see entire herds of animals die from starvation because their numbers aren’t dealt with in the most humane way possible (hunting)?

    : Do not be fooled for one minute to think that any anti-hunter cares one bit about wildlife or the health of animals. Their entrenched abandonment of conservation, balance and proven scientific management is not a matter of ignorance, for all the facts have been known forever. There are only 2 kinds of anti-hunters;
    1) Those driven to take advantage of the emotional love of animals for profit, and
    2) Those genuflecting at the altar of denial for soulless, selfish reasons so that they feel good--to hell with animal conditions. These groups represent the lunatic fringe, and if all hunters, fishers and trappers would join the NRA and support SCI and state hunting, fishing and trapping organizations, this lunatic fringe would be relegated to the clown heap where they belong.

    : Handguns, ammo and carry permits are still in high demand since the election of President Obama. The average response from people is fear that Obama will take away their rights. Most call it simple foolish paranoia, and dismiss it. ASD’s founder believes it shows average Americans have awakened and responded to the very real potential loss of their second Amendment rights. What is your opinion?

    : Obama and nearly his entire administration have a solid history of gun ban mania. The unprecedented surge in guns and ammo purchasing across America is a direct result of the unprecedented anti-Americanism reeking from the current White House. That anybody is foolish enough not to know or admit this is the manifestation of an epidemic of denial and apathy that is destroying America. The best thing we can do is sign up everybody we know as NRA members and buy as many guns and as much ammo as possible for ourselves, family and friends.

    : A few nights ago, you were able to speak to Sarah Palin on a local Alaskan radio show. Rumor is that Palin is going to stay in the political arena, but as neither a Republican or Democrat. Would this move hurt or help her (and our) cause?

    : It matters not the party affiliation of any American, but rather that we vote our conscience to get the country back where it belongs. Surely the great Sarah Palin is one of the best people to lead the way.

    : Of all the animals you have harvested over the years, what is your favorite once it is sitting on a plate?

    : The Nugent family so cherishes our hunting lifestyle and the sacred flesh from every successful hunt, that we have developed killer recipes for every critter we bring home. I would have to say that one of our favorite meals is wood duck on the mesquite grill.

    I would like to thank Ted Nugent and his Personal Assistant, Linda Peterson for their time and cooperation in setting up this interview. Thanks also go out to the ASD members who submitted questions for Ted.
    It is this author’s opinion that there are too many Americans out there that fall into the category of “sheep”. They prefer to be led around and told what to think- no matter how truthful it may be. They choose to ignore logic and common sense in lieu of feeling good through the lies they are being spoon fed.
    The current White House administration knows this, and is preying on these people. It is through the strong voice of people like Ted Nugent, and grass-roots organizations like American Sheepdog, that we have the ability to take our country back.

    If you aren’t a member, please join the NRA
    ( and immediately after, join American Sheepdog ( . It is only through education and dedication, that we can save what is left of our country and restore honor and dignity to our great land.

    ©Copyright 2009, Tim Medlin and
    Photo credit: James & Maryln Brown, courtesy Ted Nugent (original post)
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