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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Contacting elected officials... Coming soon!
  • Contacting Elected Officials

    With constant pressure from the anti-gun movement, it is important that we as voters, contact our elected officials to share our concerns and express our opinions on specific issues. As a voting constituent, you can have an impact on legislation. If we do not express our concerns, we are not properly exercising our right to be heard and defend our freedoms.

    Politicians are aware that as a voting constituent, you hold the key to their political future and re-election. Therefore your concerns are important, and we must take every opportunity to express them. An unspoken vote for gun rights is a vote for gun control everyday. Stand and be counted. In today's political climate, we can no longer sit & be silent. There are people and groups in this country that want take away our freedom and right to protect ourselves.

    Writing letters

    When writing a letter, it is important to be polite and respectful. Always ask for a response. This will show that your concerns were heard and it's important to document their response for future reference. You may ask to have their position in writing. Keep your letter short and to the point, use just enough facts and figures to make your case, it should remain less than one page. Never lie or make false statements that you can't back up with facts and evidence. The point of your letter should be clearly made in the first paragraph.

    Address your letters to "The Honorable ___________," and begin your letter with "Dear Senator" or "Dear Representative.' If you are writing to a Committee Chairman or Speaker of the House, address him/her as "Mr./Madam Chairman" or "Mr./Madam Speaker."


    The same basic principles should be applied to email correspondence as with writing a letter. You may receive a response by email of a generic nature, and not specific addressing your issue. One advantage of email is the speed of which it is delivered. This will allow you to make your case sooner if time does not allow you to send a letter via standard mail.


    As more elected officials publish their Fax numbers, more Americans are using this method of communicating with them. Again, the same basic principles apply as with writing a letter.

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