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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Gun Show Report (Circa 2010)
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  • Gun Show Report (Circa 2010)

    It's time for another gun show report. In spite of the competition rolled out by the NFL playoffs and other spartan events, the new year and the new decade started as they should, with a gun show. I know the terrible evils of gun shows. I've seen them firsthand; the four-wheel drive pickups in the parking lot, the assault rifle slung over the shoulder, the gun show loopholes scattered around on the floor to trip unsuspecting youth. Any socialist or Obama supporter worth his salt would have me lined up against the wall and shot just for being there. It's a chance I have to take so that I can report back on the true health of the Republic through the eyes of the gun show!

    I hate to tell you this folks, but the economy may be in trouble! The attendance was waaay down even from last fall. I can't give you any accurate figures except for what I call the "wander factor." That's the degree of difficulty it takes to get back to see something that you should have bought while you were first looking at it. Last spring, and even last fall, the wander factor pretty much limited any chance of returning to see something a second time... just too many people to fight your way through. Well, times are a changin' apparently. The wander factor at this first of 2010 show was completely unrestricted. I could have made it back several times to see anything I wanted. Instead of long lines at the entrance door, you walked directly up to the ticket window. You were the first person in line at the security desk to get your concealed carry locked open with a heavy duty, bright yellow nylon tie. You were the only person in line to register for the free Escort shorty shotgun. Actually, it was a welcome change but not a good one. I certainly had the unusual ability to roam freely for a change but there is little question that many of these dealers will not return again soon. Some of them are a thousand miles from home and the expense of being here is significant. There is a good chance that there will be empty tables next time around. But enough of that. On to the good stuff!

    Whatever you wanted was there even though I had to pass up some of the things that every "nut" should have. The $8995.00 Barrett M107 50 BMG would have required a gun tote person to help me to the car so I passed on it. The DPMS AR's at under $800.00 were a lot more tempting. On my last gun show report, I told of the huge number of AK's and AR's that outnumbered even handguns at the show. This show, three months later, was a complete reversal. The semi-auto .223 "varmint" guns as I prefer to call them, were about a third as common as they were last fall and, I would guess, a lot more in line with the sales figures of this type rifle to handguns. There were several of the new Ruger SR 556 piston operated AR's at some pretty attractive prices compared to the $2000.00 MSR that it carries. This appears to be a first-class rifle and was getting a lot of interest. Though the new piston powered units are highly touted, the actual verdict is still out as to their superior long term shootability over the straight gas powered units.

    Maybe this should have been called the "Taurus Show." That particular manufacturer must be fronting some dollars for gun show appearances as almost every dealer there had very extensive Taurus displays. I would guesstimate that there were nearly fifty 8' tables of Taurus handguns with tons of snubby revolvers. This may have gone along with the lower attendance figures but there was a definite tendency toward the less expensive handguns. Cobra, Bersa, Taurus and Charter Arms dominated the numbers of units over the likes of Smith, Colt and Kimber. A couple of dealers suggested that by saying that they brought what was selling in their storefronts. Tossing S & W into the higher priced catagory reminds me of the SV models from this maker. With a final cost, after rebate, of under $299.00 for a 9mm or .40 makes this look like a real bargain. Has anyone acquire one of these econo-shooters yet? If so, we would love to hear about it.

    One trend seemed to jump out at me at the show. There was definitely more survival gear showing on the tables. There was everything from day bags to back-packs that would have been impossible for me to carry they were so large. I'm talking short-bed pickup capacity here! These things were huge and all in high tech, digital camo, of course. About every kind of soft gear was represented along with GPS's, 404 stainless steel machetes and a lot of "survival" knifeware. I was a little confused by the high polish on the stainless machete. It sort of looked more like an odd shaped signal mirror than a brush chopper. Possibly it is for the up-scale, urban survivalist. (Urban survivalist is an oxymoron. ... sort of like a liberal intellectual)

    Speaking of blades, there were a lot of them. Far be it for me to tout foreign made cutlery but the Chinese seem to have learned how this is done. There were some really nice looking pieces that easily riveled my Kershaw Leek. The difference being that I paid about $50.00 for my black Leek and the ones I saw at the show were in the $10.00 range. I'm puzzled as to how you can produce, ship and retail a high quality $10.00 knife but it appear to be possible. I picked up a couple of hunting knives that were absolutely beautiful at totally ridiculous prices. I'll have to see how they hold up.

    All in all it was a good show for me but I doubt that the sellers would necessarily agree. Though they were selling things, there was not usually a waiting line at the dealer's "quick check" table and obviously it takes a lot of $139.00 Cobras to equal one $1200.00 Kimber sale. On the other hand, the big rush may well be over and we are returning to a more normal cycle of sales or possibly the rather significant price increases that gun manufacturers have taken over the last six months may have proven to be too much for the current economy.

    Till the next show, have a great carry day!

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    1. UGA's Avatar
      UGA -
      I look forward to the next report!
    1. Rossi's Avatar
      Rossi -
      I tend to agree about the hard times.

      I have a good frind that works the Midwest area selling new and used military equipment, and I had gotten much of the border watch gear through her.

      She and her husband both talked about lookers and tire-kickers. Crowds are still ok, but allot fewer buyers.


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