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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - The World Is A Dangerous Place
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  • The World Is A Dangerous Place

    The world is a dangerous place. But what most people don't realize is that it has always been a dangerous place. Statistically violent crime has been on a down-turn for years. What has changed though is the influence electronic media has on the publicizing of violent crime, particuarly when it supports an agenda. This gives a false impression that "things are getting worse." Another thing that has changed is the mindset of the criminal element in our society. While there may be fewer violent crimes being committed overall, the types of crime have become more vicious in nature. The shooting of the four police officers in Washington state for example. That type of crime was unheard of a few years ago. Now it is occurring often enough to be considered a trend.

    The criminal element, especially those that prey directly on the weak amongst us, have little regard for their victims. Their world view is so egocentric that nothing matters to them except how their actions benefit/hurt them. The professor in the University of Alabama shooting is a good example. She was so completely self-obsorbed that she had no regard for her peers and collegues when she was denied tenure. She didn' fit the usual profile of an active shooter. At least not until folks started digging into her past. Then the only thing which didn't fit any profile was her gender. That is why as "sheepdogs" we have to be ever watchful of others around us, either to protect them or to defeat them.

    By being aware of our surroundings we can mitigate some of the dangers we may encounter. The single best tool you have available to deter crime is not your firearm, it is your brain. Contrary to popular liberal beliefs you cannot legislate safety into existance. A "Gun Free Zone" sign is totally ineffectual in it's pupose of stopping crime.

    Yes, the world has always been a dangerous place. But there has also always been a certain class of people who don't let the danger stop them from living, striving and thriving. Today they are called "sheepdogs" and they can come from every walk of life. Sheepdogs aren't mass produced. They are each unique. Sheepdogs do have a few things in common, though. The primary of which is the realization that they are responsible for taking care of themselves and their family.

    Sheepdogs are not afraid of a dangerous world. Not because they seek danger, but because they are better prepared for danger. So, prepare your mind, prepare your body, prepare your weapons and head out into our dangerous world. To do less would mean that you are missing many of the worlds great wonders.
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    1. Rossi's Avatar
      Rossi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sgt T View Post
      The world is dangerous, your right there brother. The Lovely and Gracious asked me to run a little errand for her, and although she didn't say anything, she made a little face when I put all the gear on (holster, pistol, spare mag and it's holster, BUG, sweat shirt, sleeveless coat). After all, you know, just a little run to the store, you don't need all that stuff.

      Wrong. About 6 blocks west of Austin's, and directly on the way we took to I-35, is a Subway in a little strip mall where the FBI had a running gun battle in broad daylight a little over a month ago.

      Don't be making a face at me, girl.

    1. UGA's Avatar
      UGA -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rossi View Post

      Don't be making a face at me, girl.
      LOL, love it!

      Great stuff Sgt T!
    1. Rossi's Avatar
      Rossi -
      ....and speaking of faces as we were.........

      Oh, yeah....this is a gun site, right? Forgot there for a minute.

    1. Eccentric's Avatar
      Eccentric -
      The fact that the world always has been a dangerous place (with the escalation in the type of violence despite overall decline in incidents) is a very uncomfortable notion for many, many people; so uncomfortable, in fact, that many would rather live in denial. Unfortunately, they also vote..............

      Good essay!
    1. Bolt Action's Avatar
      Bolt Action -
      You are correct. Thanks
    1. texengineer's Avatar
      texengineer -
      Good Stuff, Sgt T!

      "To do less would mean that you are missing many of the worlds great wonders." <-- SO true

      I don't want to live my life timidly wondering what could happen to me, or naively thinking that nothing will. I want to be in control of my well being (as much as anyone possibly could be). It's difficult to make people understand that even though it comes with so much responsibility, and so much effort on our part, being an armed citizen is actually freeing!

      It's like being a Christian. You are held to a higher standard. You are required to take the high road and you demand it of yourself. You have to make decisions that most wouldn't make, and you're required to refrain from things that most wouldn't refrain from. You condition yourself to certain behaviors and outlooks. It's a lot of work. But you go to bed every night with a clear conscience. You know that you're doing the right thing, and that no matter what you're always safe. And in the end, you're going to heaven (or staying on earth, or keeping a family member, friend, or even someone you don't know alive to see another day). And just like Christian's were for thousands of years, we are persecuted, but we hold on because we know that we are standing for something greater than ourselves.

      So, great point Sgt T. Really inspiring!

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