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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Dangerous Encounters?
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  • Dangerous Encounters? Tell us your story...

    Do you have a true story to tell?

    If you have a true story of a close call or an armed encounter, and would like to share it with us, please *post it in the Armed Encounters / Force on Force forum or email us. We will be adding a Armed Encounters page to publish these stories and share them with others.

    It doesn't have to end in a crime actually taking place. Maybe you saw the danger and left the area before you became a victim. What was happening and how did you get away? Have you ever had to use a weapon to stop someone or prevent something from happening? Tell us the circumstance and how it ended.

    Tell us your story. Tell us what you learned from it so others may learn from it as well.

    Non-members and Guests may have their stories published as well.
    ** Email your story to

    Please include the following minimum requirements to accompany your story:

    1. Title the subject of your email "Armed Encounter" to properly identify it.
    2. Include at least your Initials. (You may include your full or partial name if you'd like)
    3. Include at least your state of residence. (You may include city/town if you'd like)


    Submitted by:


    Submitted by:
    John D.
    Anytown, TN.

    * If you are a registered member submitting by post in the Armed Encounters / Force on Force forum, your site username will be used by default, unless you state otherwise using the above two examples. If you do not have your state listed in your profile, please include it below your post.

    ** Your email address will not be published and will be kept confidential.
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