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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - potentially dangerous encounter
  • A Gun and a Knife Fight

    In about 2002, I was living in an apartment complex in Atascadero California and was spending a late night star gazing with my telescopes late at night in the parking lot. After spending a few wonderful hours watching the moon and stars, I went back up to my apartment and was putting the telescopes away when there was a loud thud on my front door at like three in the morning. My lady friend and I went toward the door and I opened the door and observed two pretty large African American men rolling around on my porch struggling with each other trying to gain control of a butcher knife about 12 inches long, there was blood all over the place and there was a third young man watching the fight taking place. I had not seen any of the men on my porch before but I was pretty annoyed that they were messing up my mellow mood after star gazing.

    I stepped out the front door and pulled my model 13-2 Smith and Wesson .357, as I cocked the revolver the third man who was watching announced that "he has a gun" and suddenly all the action from the two gentlemen fighting stopped and all eyes were on me. I told the two guys fighting that no one was going to get stabbed tonight on my front porch. I told the man who was on bottom to lose the knife ... The guy on the bottom was looking at me with his eyes wide open and said that he was afraid to let go of the knife because the other guy will stab him. I reassured him as he was looking down the barrel of my revolver, that I was going to shoot anyone who tries to stab anyone else in the head and that at this range (about 3 ft), that I would not miss. So being reassured, the guy on the bottom loosens his grip on the knife and the guy on top carefully brushes the knife toward me. I kicked the knife toward the third guy who was watching and told him to kick it over the edge of the balcony, which he did.

    Then I backed away from the two guys who were previously fighting and told them that the cops were on the way but if they still felt they needed to fight ... have a ball. I watched from about 12 feet away as the two guys continued the fight but this time without the knife. after a couple moments of fighting they broke it up and the two younger guys walked past me on their way to the parking lot and they got in their car and started to leave. The older guy just laid on the concrete trying to catch his breath. I asked if he was okay and then quickly took my firearm into the apartment and went down to meet the approaching police. I approached the police with my hands up and turned around so they were sure that I was not armed. One officer questioned me and I could not tell him what started the fight but that I had used my firearm to disarm the two guys fighting. It turned out to be a drug deal that went wrong, one of the young men who left was bleeding and need a few stitches to close the slashes on his body somewhere.

    The older guy thanked me for saving his life saying that he had attacked the younger man because he had burst into the apartment he was looking to get paid for drugs he had sold to the older mans nephew. The older man was about to lose control of the knife he had introduced into the fight to the younger and stronger man so he thought I was responsible for saving his life. No one got arrested or charged in the fight, the police seemed to appreciate that I had broken up the knife fight since it saved them paperwork and the drug dealers stayed away from my area of the apartment from that time on .. so it all ended well and I learned that people pay very close attention when they are looking down the barrel of a cocked .357 even when they are busy fighting, so I recommend always taking a gun to a knife fight.

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    1. texengineer's Avatar
      texengineer -
      I love how you always explain the implications of not complying with you in detail. There was the story about the idiot kids where you explained the mechanics of homemade hollow points at point blank, and now this where you explain that you won't miss at 3 feet. It's seems to be chillingly effective for you.
    1. Eccentric's Avatar
      Eccentric -
      Ha! Like the game "paper, scissors, rock." Gun beats knife!

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