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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Is President Obama still a threat to gun rights?
  • Is President Obama still a threat to gun rights?

    Is President Obama still a threat to gun rights?

    Gun Rights Roundup

    by Buckeye Firearms Association

    Some mainstream media pundits claim that Obama is not a threat to gun rights. Their reasoning? After a year in office, he has not done or said anything significant about guns. But is that reason to believe that he has turned pro-gun or that he has adopted an agnostic position on the Second Amendment?
    Let's take a look at the record. As a senator and presidential candidate, Obama ...
    • Endorsed a complete ban on handgun ownership in Illinois.
    • Supported gun bans in Chicago and Washington, D.C.
    • Supported the elimination of concealed carry nationwide.
    • Voted for the prosecution of citizens who use firearms in self-defense.
    • Voted to allow lawsuits intended to bankrupt the firearms industry.
    • Supported reinstating the Clinton assault weapons ban.
    • Voted to ban rifle ammunition used for hunting and sport.
    • Supported gun registration for law-abiding gun owners.
    • Refused to sign a court brief affirming the individual right to bear arms.
    • Served on the Board of the Joyce Foundation, the #1 source of funds for anti-gun groups.
    • Supported a ban on gun stores within five miles of any school or park.
    • Voted to prevent gun owners from knowing when Illinois ran record searches.
    • Supported mandatory micro-stamping for gun manufacturers.
    • Supported the creation and enforcement of mandatory waiting periods.
    • Supported the one-gun-a-month rule on gun sales.
    • Supported banning cheap handguns.
    • Supported banning police departments from reselling firearms.
    • Supported mandatory training for all gun owners regardless of cost.
    • Supported a ban on gun ownership for anyone under 21.

    Are we to believe that a liberal politician with an anti-gun record like this has so quickly changed his views? What will Obama's agenda look like if he's able to push through his health care bill and move on to other issues?
    It is na´ve, bordering on foolish, to assume that Obama is no longer a threat to gun rights. He was, is, and will remain a threat until he is ex-President Obama.
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    1. UGA's Avatar
      UGA -
      Obama himself, has been rather quiet, however his attack dog Eric Holder was trying to get the assault weapons ban re-instated. Obama will always be a threat to the 2A and especially concealed carry, which he has stated that he opposes it, and will always oppose it.

      Remember when people called Clinton "Slick Willie"? Obama is just as sly. His far-left soldiers will do his bidding to attack the 2A, right now he has made it his mission to force this health care bill through. It has consumed him at this point.

      Nobody should relax right now, I guarantee you there are gun control items placed on his desk every month. Whether they will see any daylight, I guess we will have to wait and see.

      I would also like to add that since his election, the NRA has stepped up efforts across the nation attacking gun control proposals, and helping to pass many pro-gun laws in the states. I don't want to leave out all the state associations, that have been taking aggressive measures as well. Cudo's to everyone involved...
    1. Rossi's Avatar
      Rossi -
      Yes he is, and will continue to be long after he is out of office.

    1. Decline's Avatar
      Decline -
      Why is it that the biggest threats to gun rights are always protected by a body guard with a gun?
    1. Eccentric's Avatar
      Eccentric -
      The threat will continue to be there as long as his monetary backer (Soros) is in this world.

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