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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Surefire SHOT TIMER App for iPhone
  • Surefire SHOT TIMER App for iPhone

    I have recently become interested in competitive practical shooting. One integral part of the competitive shooter's tool box is a shot timer. A good timer that registers multiple shots usually runs around $100, but for a limited time, Surefire tactical products is offering a free iPhone download of its SHOT TIMER App.

    The application allows the user to select either a manual or random automatic start tone that is played through the iPhone's integrated speaker, or external headphones. I personally have a set of electronic shooting muffs with an auxiliary input that I can plug the iPhone into. A regular set of shooting muffs with some in-ear headphones underneath them also work quite well.

    The iPhone's integrated microphone registers shots at either a user specified or automatic sensitivity. After pressing the "start" button and hearing the start tone, the App displays the shot number, elapsed time, and split time in a column format. When you are done shooting, simply press the "stop" button.

    If you are unhappy with your times, reload and re-holster your gun, press start, and try again. If you are happy with your times, you can email them to yourself. Personally, I just write mine down on a notepad, but if a pen and paper are out of reach, a single button has the scores sent to your pre-programmed email address in an easy to read format.

    I have not had the opportunity to test this App at range with multiple people shooting at a time. The sensitivity of the microphone would be adjusted to attempt to pick up only my gun's shots. I used the shooting range set up in the spare bedroom in my apartment with my Colt Defender CO2 BB-pistol. Even when the gun started losing pressure and the noise of the shot reduced significantly, the timer was still very accurate in registering shots. I was able to start from concealment under a t-shirt and place 2 shots into a 12" x 16" target raised 4 feet off the ground from 5 yards in an average of 1.85 seconds. I know that I'm not any faster than that; so, I assume that it doesn't have much, if any, lag in registering times. Of course, I'm only using it recreationally, so for a free application that utilizes the phone that I already have, even a little lag would have been acceptable.

    I know that the prerequisite of owning an iPhone is a large one, but if you already have the device, and don't feel like spending $100 on a separate piece of equipment, this application has all of the features that a recreational or beginning competitive shooter may need.

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    1. Eccentric's Avatar
      Eccentric -
      Cool, don't have an iPhone but it sounds very cool! Keep us posted on how you do.
    1. mmszbi's Avatar
      mmszbi -
      Yep I like it...I just don't like the cost of the Iphone. Would definitely like to hear your results with multiple shooters to see how sensitive it can be. I also saw an app for the Iphone that was a cut away version of a 1911, hit the trigger, the gun fired and cycled so you could see everything that happened inside, hit the mag release and it would drop the mag and reload, it was very cool.
    1. Sgt T's Avatar
      Sgt T -
      Very Cool. I hope I can find this app for my T-Mobile MyTouch 3G phone.
    1. texengineer's Avatar
      texengineer -
      I talked my girlfriend into going to the range with me on Saturday. (didn't take much actually. She likes shooting ) I'll test it out and let y'all know!
    1. NWFFT's Avatar
      NWFFT -
      I have an iPhone and downloaded the APP. It works great and you can even e-mail the results to your home computer for analysis...but you have to have another person at the range to hold the phone up to the ear of the shooter to hear the start timer...and the shooter will NEVER hear the stop timer for a PAR time set of shots...but the timer will record all shots and report them. If you want to be serious, drop the phone APP and buy a good timer...I did and it has paid for itself!
    1. texengineer's Avatar
      texengineer -
      I took it to the range on Saturday. I used the input jack on my electronic shooting muffs to hear the start sound. There was only one other person shooting at the range, but I was able to adjust the sensitivity to pick up my shots only. It worked really well!

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