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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Streamlight Strion C4 LED Tactical Flashlight
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  • Streamlight Strion C4 LED Tactical Flashlight Review

    When it comes to flashlights, there are a few companies that stand out from the crowd. Depending on the intended use, the cost can be high. For hard/heavy use and superior brightness, the average Walmart or Ace Hardware flashlight simply will not work. I recently needed a flashlight to use while on Patrol with the Sheriff's Office and to replace my current tactical light that is a part of my daily CCW carry. My criteria was a little higher than wanting something around the house when the lights go out in bad weather as a carry light should be...

    1. The first thing I needed was a light that is extremely bright for obvious reasons. I want to see in the dark! If there is a threat, I want to clearly see it.
    2. It needed to be lightweight and compact. A Mag-Lite with 3 "D" cells at 12" long and almost 2 lbs in weight was not an option I wanted to add to an already heavy and bulky duty belt and not feasible for CCW carry either.
    3. It needed to be rechargeable. High intensity lights have an average 1-2 hour burn time and battery replacement is expensive, especially when using batteries like the CR123 Lithium's.
    4. It also needed to be durable if dropped and water resistant in rainy weather. A bad bulb in a less than ideal situation could be a show stopper.

    The light I purchased is the rechargeable Strion C4 LED Tactical light made by Streamlight. It meets and exceeds the criteria I had. It included 2 charging cradles, one 12v for vehicle charging and one 120v home charger. It fully charges in 3 hours time. The LED is super bright at an amazing 160 lumens and has a 2 hour burn time at full power. It also has 3 power settings; high, medium and low. Battery life on medium power at 80 lumens is 4 hours and low power at 40 lumens is 7.5 hours.

    This model features a blinding strobe function that can run for 5.5 hours on a single charge. The strobe is a great distraction feature to be used on an aggressive subject or it can also be used for signaling and traffic control when equipped with a signal cone.

    I am most impressed with just how bright this little light is. It weighs only 5.2 ounces. It has many accessories available and has a serial number and Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    A demonstration video for this product can be seen here.

    Here are the official details:


    Rechargeable, ultra-compact and powerful, the Strion LED offers three variable intensity modes, strobe mode and the latest in power LED technology.

    * Multi-function, push-button tactical tail switch. One-handed operation of momentary, variable intensity: high, medium, low, or strobe modes.
    * Light Output: High 8,800 candela (peak beam intensity), 160 lumens; Medium 4,400 candela (peak beam intensity), 80 lumens; Low 2,300 candela (peak beam intensity), 40 lumens
    * Optimized electronics provides regulated intensity
    * Run times: High Up to 2 continuous hours; Medium Up to 4 continuous hours; Low Up to 7.5 continuous hours; Strobe Up to 5.5 continuous hours.
    * Lithium ion battery is rechargeable up to 500 times; fully recharges in 3 hrs.
    * Fits existing Strion chargers. Clamp style charger holder with digital control circuit that prevents over-charge; LED indicates charge status
    * IPX4 rated design for water resistance
    * Serialized for positive identification
    * Limited lifetime warranty
    * 5.9"; 5.22 oz.
    * 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish
    * Borofloat high temperature glass
    * Anti-roll head
    * Multi-function, push-button tactical tailswitch. Tail cap rotates for "SAFE" position
    * Grooved barrel adapts to long gun mount
    * Lithium Ion battery recharges in the light
    * C4 LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime

    The size and weight make it ideal for carry by the CCW community. It can easily fit in a pocket or be carried on a belt. A perfect addition to your daily carry gear and though it would be an expensive around the house light, it could meet that need as well because of durability and the ability to recharge it. The lithium technology ensures it can hold a charge longer than conventional batteries and maintains brightness until the battery is expended. Conventional batteries will weaken and the light output will fade as they fail and lithium batteries will remain bright until the end.

    The package I purchased with two charging cradles has a MSRP of $215.00 but it can be purchased from most suppliers for $112.00 to $135.00 depending on the sale and supplier. This may seem high but it is one of the brightest compact lights on the market right now and being rechargeable, it could pay for itself in a year with normal use or a couple months with routine use. I really like this flashlight and though I don't have 500 hours of use in it yet, I hope to eventually.

    I also have the M6 tactical light made by Pelican and I do have experience with it. Super light but it is expensive to maintain by replacing batteries. Retail cost is $105.00 but it can be had for $45-$75 depending the supplier. It has a single high power output of 74 lumens and only has a one hour burn time. It also gets very hot during use. The Strion has replaced the Pelican M6 Lithium Tactical light for me and if you are interested in a great tactical light, I strongly suggest you check out the Streamlight Strion Tactical LED model.
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    1. rkbartley's Avatar
      rkbartley -
      I love my Strion C4 LED flashlight. This little light goes everywhere my purse does (and when my purse doesn't go it is most likely cliped to my belt). It is light weight, fits my hand easily and is bright as the sun when needed...whether looking for lost keys, being lighting for power outages or checking out that "bump in the night," this light covers it all. For the size and versitility I don't think the price (somewhere around $120 if my memory is correct) was bad at all...I purchased it at our local "cop shop" last year and have never regretted it. This light has been carried in my purse for MONTHS without losing charge. It is as bright and strong today as it was when I took it off the charger last October...this is true peace of mind for me. Every other flashlight I have owned always seemed to have dead batteries when I needed it most. Yes, well worth the investment.
    1. texengineer's Avatar
      texengineer -
      The complete set: flashlight, home charger, car charger, etc. is available on Ebay for under $100. On Google Shopping, it can be found from a couple of tactical gear shops for under $85. Given a need for a powerful, portable, rechargeable can definitely be affordable!
    1. xdglocker's Avatar
      xdglocker -
      Thanks for the review AND the shopping deal tips everyone. I've been thinking of replacing my vehicle light for some time and think the Strion C4 will fit the bill as well as provide me with additional advanced features without busting my wallet.

      Thanks again for another great review.
    1. dnola's Avatar
      dnola -
      I guess it's time for me to quite gritching about the high cost of LED tactical lights and just go buy one. The Streamlight brand always seems to be front and center in quality and rechargeable sounds like the way to go for a lot of reasons so thanks for the great review.

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