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  • Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Compact

    While waiting for Michele's (my wife) CCW to arrive, we went shopping for her sidearm. She really didn't know what she wanted. As her left shoulder has at this time only has about 50-60% range of motion, her choices are limited by that. Her gun must be one she can handle one handed, as a two handed grip is a challenge for her, so a compact it will be.
    She has shot most of my smaller handguns, PPK in .32, FEG in 380, has shot an XDm in 9 and did quite well with it, so we had an idea where to start.
    At the local gun shop, we perused the Glocks, XD's, Sigs and so forth. Michele has rather small hands so the XDm was looking good due to the changeable grip panels. Then my friend Richard behind the counter brought out the M&P 9mm Compact. After changing out the grip panel to the smallest one that comes with the gun, it was a match made in gun heaven. Fit her hand like a glove, was very comfortable for her, and with the magazine extension even I can get a full grip.

    The gun comes with a hard case (not quite up to par with the XD) and 3 different grip panels. The panels are simple to change, not quick, but simple. Breakdown is relatively easy after reading the instructions, a bit different than others, but not difficult to any degree. The second magazine provided does not come with the grip extension, but after a call to Smith & Wesson, a new one was mailed at no charge to her. Slide serrations are well defined for a good grip. A small notch in the top of the breech acts as a loaded chamber indicator.

    Range time.... The gun shoots excellent. Haven't had a single hiccup with several brands of ammo. It is heavy enough even as a compact to absorb recoil very well, and the grip extension allowing a full hand grip reduces muzzle flip for good target aquisition on the second shot. Magazine holds 12 rounds with one in the pipe, but as the magazines are new, she has a hard time compressing the spring to get them fully loaded. I definitely recommend a loader. At this time I am it.......
    Sights are good, no problems for quick target aquisition. A small accessory rail is molded on the dust shield allowing the use of a light or laser. Trigger is plastic, but appears to be able to hold up, is different than the Glock/XD in that it hinges in the middle of the curve of the trigger rather than having a seperate piece sandwiched between two others. Same basic idea, but different method.
    Takes a little getting used to, but when depressing the trigger there is positive feedback as to when the trigger safety is deactivated. Trigger reset is great, and with rapid fire, trigger safety is not even noticable.
    All in all, she made a great choice!
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    1. Eccentric's Avatar
      Eccentric -
      I think Michele will be very happy with her choice. I've had a full size for a few years and it's a workhorse. I've fed all different kinds of ammunition through it and it just keeps going...........

      I bet she'll be anxious to get shooting it again when she's able to after her surgery. Hope all is going well!

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