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  • Versipack Fatboy by Maxpedition

    When my wife obtained her CCW permit, I was adamant about her not carrying in a purse. No stability for the gun, things could get inside the trigger guard, barrel, action. Having to fumble around to get a good grip as the gun could be in any position inside. No idea exactly where the spare mag was...the list goes on, but the most important factor...a purse is easy to snatch and grab for a thief.

    My wife does not wear clothes that would allow her to have a thick carry belt and rarely wears something that could be a concealment garment, so what to do?

    Enter the Versipack Fatboy from Maxpedition.

    When we first received it in the mail, it was stiff, tough 1050-Denier water and abrasion resistant light-weight ballistic nylon fabric and we were slightly dismayed at how stiff it was. Didn't look comfortable, looked tacti-cool mainly and not quite fashionable. But, my wife wanted to carry, so she gave it a try.
    As my wife is pleasantly endowed, the waist strap would not fit. So it went away. The 2 inch shoulder strap is sturdy, well secured to the pack and very easily adjustable. The pack comes with an adustable pad that can be placed anywhere on the shoulder strap for comfort. There are Molle attachments in various places. A multitude of pouches allow her to put cell phone, keys, wallet whereever she desires.
    The most attractive feature is of course the dedicated concealed carry compartment. A large zippered compartment is generously laid with velcro and the optional loop holster can be placed in any position to accomodate most any but the very largest handguns. The zipper has a large loop of what appears to be 550 paracord for very quick and easy opening. The compartment easily conceals her S&W M&P 9mm compact and an extra magazine.
    The shoulder strap allows the pack to be slung over the neck to hang at waist height right where a holster would be for very fast, easy aquisition of the gun.
    Now, after a couple months of use, the bag has loosened up considerably, as in not so stiff. Use has made it pliable and comfortable for her to wear. And she wears it. Never leaves the house without it.

    For you ladies and for you gents that like a fanny pack or pack carry, I highly recommend the Versipack Fatboy. There are a couple sizes available, the Fatboy is the smallest of them. They come in a multitude of colors with many optional accessories.

    The Versipack Fatboy from Maxpedition. A very well made product, quite versatile and very useful for the intented purpose.
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