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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Attempted Mugging?
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  • Attempted Mugging?

    I deliver carbonated beverages in a tractor trailer for a living. I carry lots of cash in unsavory areas. I also carry a gun. I have had several instances where I have presented my gun, either in preparation to fire or occasionally to dissuade a would be attacker.

    This is an old story. It happened two or so years ago. I had intended to share it a long time ago but it slipped my mind. Now if I can just remember the details....

    I was delivering in a small town, population approx 10,000. I had pulled behind a small resturaunt that sets in front of a wooded area. I got out of my truck (one of the low to the ground type trailers with 8 roll-up doors on each side). I walked down the side of the truck rolling up a few doors to pull the product for that particular delivery. As I was unloading I noticed a man walking through the woods approx 100 ft away moving parallel to my position. He was a 6ft tall, probably 200-220lbs black guy, probably 35years old, wearing an old army surplus looking OD jacket and a black backpack. Since he was not moving toward me and he was a good distance off I continued with my work. I went inside the store and made my delivery. When I came back out to my truck I had my head on a swivel as has become habit, especially coming out of a store where any criminal mastermind could deduct that I just got paid. I have a safe on the truck but instead of it being in the cab where it would make sense, it is mounted in the bay of the trailer next to the cab. This makes it necessary for me to make my cash drop out in the open with my back turned. Because of this I don't make my drops until I arrive at the next stop where I feel safe doing so. That way no one can set up an ambush while I am in the store and rob me when my back is turned trying to make a drop. If they are going to try to rob me they will have to try it while I am alert and looking around, not with my back turned and vulnerable.

    I put my dolly in one of the bays on the passengers side and shut the door. As I walked around the back of the trailer heading for the cab I was hurrying and walking too close to the trailer. I usually take a wide path around blind corners to avoid what happened next. As I came around the corner I found myself in bad breath range of the guy I had seen walking through the woods. I startled in surprise. When your body jumps like that it is because it is jumping into action, recoiling from the possible danger like an animal would do. Being a human and far more intelligent than a animal, I stood my ground. I say that sarcastically because I should have followed my body's instant lead and put some distance between us no matter how rude or silly it might have looked.

    He saw me jump and smiled. He said, "hey man, could you spare a few bucks? I am really hungry". As a rule I don't give money to people like this, especially when they are fit enough to work for a living. I don't give these people money because criminals often use the begging routine to get you to take out your wallet. Once the wallet is out and you are looking at it instead of the person in front of you it is a pretty easy thing to rob you.

    I told him that I didn't have any money to give him. He immediately yelled something at me and pushed me hard. I would have fallen but as we all know, our everyday stance should be our combat stance. If it is not then you need to practice it till it is second nature. I am in combat stance when talking to my grandmother. If you always stand that way then it will be there when you need it.

    When he pushed me I swayed back on my support leg and immediately sprang forward slamming him in the nose with what I affectionately call the "Adrenaline Punch". When someone makes any kind of physical violence towards you, you shouldn't have to decide whether to counter attack or not. That is a decision to be made long before you are in this situation. Personally if I am going to be attacked I love it when they start with a shove. A shove allows you to react violently and decisively while not really taking any damage. The shover most likely has not yet decided to do you any serious harm, he is most likely trying to intimidate. This gives you a significant advantage because he is not ready to do violence yet he has given you permission to give him some. If you are fighting for your life you attack to do damage. If someone pushes you it means he does not consider you enough of a threat to attack violently- he feels like he has the upper hand. This is the perfect time to strike and strike hard. He is not prepared for it. If he expected it he wouldn't have shoved in the first place. It is likely you will not receive another golden moment like this for the rest of the encounter. My advice is, if someone ever shoves or pushes you, end the encounter right there.

    When I punched him in his sniffer I must not have hit him perfectly square because he spun face first into my trailer and slid down it to the ground. As he regained his senses he put his hand in his pocket and looked up at me or rather he gazed into the muzzle of my pistol that was now aimed at his face. I commanded him to take his hand out of his pocket and lie face down. He started trying to talk me down saying 'chill dude, my mistake, I thought you were someone else". I'll bet he did. He thought I was some spineless sheep. His mistake indeed. I repeated my order to take his hand out of his pocket, advising him of his premature end should he opt not to remove the hand in a prompt fashion. He slowly removed the hand and swore there was nothing in the pocket. He stood up slowly and spit some blood on the ground, wincing. No doubt the nasal rearrangement I had provided was disagreeing with him. I again commanded him to lie on the ground. He kept repeating "its cool, its cool, don't shoot me man!" As he was standing up I backed up some in case he charged me. He backed away from me and the turned tail running back into the woods. I couldn't stop him since I am not the police and I had never seen a weapon if he even had one.

    I re-holstered my gun and turned back towards the restaurant. The manager was standing there with a phone to his ear, apparently on the phone with the cops. I sat down on a milk crate and concentrated on not puking as my body was paying the price for all of that wonderful adrenaline I had been enjoying. My head was pounding and I felt dizzy. The manager brought me some water and asked if I was OK. I told him I would be fine.

    By the time the cops got there I was feeling better. They questioned me for about an hour, asking me to repeat my story several times to each of the officers. They seemed intent on getting me to say that I knew the guy form somewhere. The manager had apparently walked out of the store heading to the storage shed right about the time that the guy shoved me. He saw the whole thing go down and corroborated my story.

    Finally the cops got my phone number and address in case they needed to get back in contact for some reason. I never heard anything else about it, nor did I every see the guy again.

    All I had to show for the whole experience was a very skinned knuckle, a lack of appetite, and a renewed awareness of my surroundings.
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    1. NWFFT's Avatar
      NWFFT -
      This is an awesome story. I am Glad that you are O.K from this ordeal. You reacted 100% correct...This is a lesson for all of us! Thanks for sharing. If you don't mind, I am going to print this and share in my CCW classes.
    1. Decline's Avatar
      Decline -
      Quote Originally Posted by NWFFT View Post
      This is an awesome story. I am Glad that you are O.K from this ordeal. You reacted 100% correct...This is a lesson for all of us! Thanks for sharing. If you don't mind, I am going to print this and share in my CCW classes.
      Your welcome to it. I still feel like i might have avoided the situation entirely if i had been paying more attention and not allowed myself to get so close to him. If he had a knife or something my goose might have been cooked.
    1. texengineer's Avatar
      texengineer -
      Great story, Decline! I'm glad that you could share it. Brit and I have both been keeping a sharper eye and doing more and more what-if-ing with all of our recent events. The more stories like yours that we have to learn from, the better off we'll all be! Thanks for sharing!
    1. NWFFT's Avatar
      NWFFT -
      The situation in this country is going downhill by the day and the A--H--E in DC just keeps on doing "HIS" thing and not what the AMERICAN People want!! All of us Sheepdogs MUST step up our watch...even in a quick trip to the corner store...not only carry 24/7 but condition yellow+.
    1. Rossi's Avatar
      Rossi -
      Nice piece of work.

      Since this thread will go the way of all threads, suggest dump a copy, and post it in the Force On Force section. People may be joining months or years from now, that will be like me...........reading every FOF entry there. That's how ya' learn stuff.


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