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    I was digging around in some of my old files when I ran across this article I wrote back in 2007. I was frustrated at the spew of anti-gun garbage coming from the network media outlets. As I often did at the time, I sat down and vented my frustration into a word processor. I thought I'd knock the dust off of it and share it here. Preaching to the choir I know, but hopefully it will reach someone that needs to see it.

    Invisible Guardians

    ©2007 Phillip Williams

    In the wake of the latest mass shooting at the mall in Omaha and the church shooting in Colorado, my heart goes out to the families of those that were hurt & killed. It makes the major headlines when the word “mass” is reported with it. The “mass” shooting at Virginia Tech is another tragic example of a major headline, yet daily there are people shot, stabbed, beaten and raped. It’s forgotten almost as soon as the news anchor changes the subject. We live in a time where someone can be killed for their car, purse, wallet, or for simply being in a public place at the wrong time. Should we stop driving our cars for fear that we could be killed for it? The answer is an unequivocal NO! I have the right to drive to the store with my family. I also have the right & duty to protect them should I find myself in a situation where a violent act is occurring publicly or directly to me or my family. This is why I chose to be a legally armed citizen.

    I can already hear those mind-numb individuals out there saying; “Oh no, another person walking around with a gun. That’s ridiculous! He must be on a power trip and looking for trouble.” I believe that way of thinking shows ignorance. It’s a lack of knowledge or understanding of the facts. I feel comfortable knowing that there are thousands of people just like me. You have waited in line with us at the local grocery store. You have sat beside us in the movie theatre. You have spoken a kind word to us while pumping gas at the corner store or simply ignored us all together because we look like that normal everyday person that doesn’t matter. Well we are normal people but you would be wrong to think that we don’t matter. You will not hear about it in the media but legally armed citizens defend themselves and total strangers on a daily basis. However it’s bigger news to say “someone died by a firearm” than to say “a life was spared by a firearm.”

    Thousands of men and women across America with a weapons permit in their wallet or purse understand what it means to walk out of their home every day wearing a firearm. It is NOT a license to kill and I don’t go looking for trouble. I hope I NEVER have to use my firearm, but I work to be mentally & physically prepared to make that decision with a second’s notice. I spend a lot of time at my local gun range shooting and training myself so that hopefully my mental and physical response will be fast and accurate. I seek knowledge and training from as many sources as I can. I create scenarios in my mind and then follow up with different “what if” variables. I do this not because I am obsessed with it, but because if I ever have to pull my firearm, my life is obviously on the line or another life is in jeopardy and my actions may have grave (no pun intended) consequences. There are criminal and civil actions I am responsible for when I use my weapon. I have to know the laws regarding its use and understand that I may be cleared of any criminal actions in defending my life, and still be sued for everything I own in civil court.

    Do you think your local criminal gang-banger worries about breaking the law or shooting an innocent bystander? The answer is: no, criminals do not worry about or obey the law. If they did they would not be criminals.

    Now I would like to present a few “what if’s” to you.

    What if a legally armed teacher with firearms training were armed when Cho Sueng-Hui began shooting students at Virginia Tech? How many lives could have been saved?

    What if you knew there were teachers and students present with carry permits but current laws restrict them from being armed on campus?

    What if a legally armed citizen had stopped the mall shooting in Omaha? How would they be seen by society?

    What if handguns were banned nationwide? Would you feel safe?

    What if all firearms were banned nationwide and all American citizens turned in their firearms to obey that law? Would the criminals among us follow suit or feel its open-season to rob anyone they want?

    What if criminals knew that 1 in 3 or even 1 in 5 Americans were legally armed? How do you think that would affect their decision to car jack someone at random?

    I could come up with a million more what if’s just as the anti-gun crowd could come up with rebuttals without ever answering the what if’s directly.

    The men and women in this country that choose to arm themselves legally have passed state and federal background checks. They also have their fingerprints placed on file with the authorities. In some states the red tape involved is extreme. The overall cost involved can be expensive. So why do they do it? For me it’s the comfort of knowing that I can defend myself from being robbed of my life or the lives of my family. Those are the things I have that I can not replace. So to sum things up: I am not talking about a nation of paranoid gun-toting vigilantes. I’m talking about legal, responsible everyday Americans. I’m talking about Americans proficient with the use of a firearm and ready to protect their lives as well as yours from criminals walking among us. Who would you rather have more of in a crowd around you; criminals illegally armed or legally armed Invisible Guardians? I know the answer, and that makes me proud to be one of them. We walk among the crowds as regular people, no better and no worse, just enjoying life with our families. The only difference between us and the nay-sayer is a stronger will to stand up in the face of violence. If you choose not to carry a firearm, that is your right to do so. But if you could, work with us and not against us. More gun laws and restrictions only impair our ability to defend ourselves legally.

    Remember this: gun laws restrict the lawful, not the criminal.

    You can join one or more of the many organizations that fight to keep the blame on the criminal and not the gun. You do not have to be a bearer of arms to believe in the right to bear arms.
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    1. mmszbi's Avatar
      mmszbi -
      Regardless of when you wrote this, it is still spot on and very relevant to our everyday lives. Thanks for dusting this off!
    1. rkbartley's Avatar
      rkbartley -
      Well said...I agree with Michael.

    1. Decline's Avatar
      Decline -
      You wonder about the mental presence of the antigunners. How could someone reject such clear logic. I suppose i should consider myself lucky that i don't understand their mindset.
    1. Rossi's Avatar
      Rossi -
      I recall the post. Wow, three years already? I really recall it because the shooting in Omaha was commented on. There was an unarmed sheepdog on site. He hadn't completed all the requirements for the CCW permit yet, and described his frustrations at not being armed, and maybe would have been able to help.

      He talked about the "No Firearms Allowed" signs which had been removed the day after the shooting and he had pictures of the walls where the postings used to hang.

      I am always armed and your comments reinforced that commitment.


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