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  • Another Gun Show Report

    Ahhh, yes! Itís time for another Gun Show Report.

    In the real world, things donít change that much from month to month. In the gun show world, a few months is an eternity. Back in February, this same show had good attendance but the show was just missing something and not many people carried significant purchases to the parking lot. With the economy even more in the tank and more questions than answers on the political front, I frankly wasnít expecting much of a show. As hard as it is to believe, Iíve been wrong before. No. It's true... and I was wrong again!

    This may have been one of the best shows Iíve ever attended. The body count (if you can use that expression in this case) wasnít high. Iíve seen a lot more people at this particular show (Metcalf Gun Show) but the people that were here this time were buyers and the dealers were selling. There were over 4100 eight-foot tables and there was not a one that was not full of guns, knives, packs, mags, ammo, holsters and every other imaginable devise for those who like guns.

    For the history buffs, there was a huge selection of excellent to rough collectables, with prices that went with the conditionÖ everything from old muzzleloaders to war memorabilia, from never fired, 20 year old, commemorative Ď94 Winchesters to gold platted, fully engraved six-shooters. There were a lot of M1 Garand and Carbines on display but the least expensive M1 that I saw was over $900.00. A fine old rifle to be sure but that just seems too high to me, but then Iím not really a collector. If I own it, Iím going to shoot it. What we need are about 10,000 of them that are sitting over in South Korean warehouses gathering dust and that probably will be run through the chipper. Thanks obama!

    For the black rifle fanatics, there was an endless selection. One dealer had close to 400 uppers alone on display in about every barrel length, caliber and configuration that you can imagine. There was little doubt that the big emphasis at this show was on the ďroll-your-ownĒ AR. Though there were a lot of DPMS, Colt, FN, Bushmaster, etc on display, there were far more ďcomponentĒ sellers that would put one together for you while you wait. You pick the upper, the lower, the stock, the forearm, the rails, the optics, etc and they slipped them together and dropped it in a case. There were tons of AKís from "pistols" to totally tricked out units with no wood. They ranged from just over $400.00 to over two grand.

    For the guy/gal looking for something a little different, there were lots of cool toys like the Kel-Tec Sub 2000, 9mm (folds to about 16Ē). You seldom see them at shows but several were on display. The new looking Hi-Point 995 carbine was there. I even found a couple of spare mags for my 995. There were a lot of short semi-auto rifles from many makers and about every configuration from bull-pups to 12" barrel rigs wrapped in exotic polymers. Even though there were hundreds of ďsecurityĒ shotguns, there was not a 18Ē replacement barrel for a Remington 870 in the show. (Are they that popular or have Remington and Mossberg just quite making them?)

    In the handgun department, there was definitely an influx of ďcowboyĒ guns. Uberti and Cimarron were well represented with their western style revolvers. According to several people, the cowboy shooting is really coming back to life recently and I saw a big volume of .45 LC ammo in light load, 200/220 grain lead to back that up along with some really first rate leather to go with the guns. Most of the long list of new pocket .380ís and other CCW autos were represented along with the old standards in 9mm and .45 ACP. One that I was interested in seeing was the P-250 Sig but it was very scarce for some reason.

    I did add another handgun to the wish list. Rats! As some of you are aware, I am somewhat of a Ruger fan. They are good guns, made in the USA and I already own a few. Very recently, I touted the LCR .38 Sp to someone as a good selection for a concealed carry revolver. Donít get me wrong. I would still love to have one but it just got bumped down the list. I handled one of the new S&W Bodyguard .38 Sp that was on display and I have never had a gun that felt that good in my hand. My hands are not big and this little rascal just fit well. When you consider that you get a 14 oz., 5 round, laser sighted, .38 Sp +P snubby at a price that is about what a bare LCR would run, it makes it a real bargain (well under $500.00). The fact that the laser has both a constant on and a pulsed red dot that is top mounted on the gun makes it even better. The grip mounted lasers like is available on the LCR (and my Kimber) gets covered with your trigger finger until the finger goes on the trigger. This one is well clear of any obstruction. The down side of this arrangement is that you have to press a button on the top on the sight to turn on the laser which has an auto off to save the battery. If I can talk my way into this one, the LCP pocket pistol may well become a boot or ankle gun.

    What was conspicuously absent was the .50 BMG, .416 Barrett, 6.8 SPC, .338 Lapua sniper rigs (Barrett, etc., etc.) In previous shows, they have been prominent. This time, not one was on hand. Maybe they got tired of lugging those 20 to 30 lb. behemoths around. Though they have always been there in the past, I have never seen a serious buyer talking to anyone about a purchase. That is probably one of those things that you like to look at when youíre at a gun show but, if you are serious, you would go through a favored gun dealerÖ and it also is hardly a spur of the moment purchase when a Barrett 82A1 stickers at about $10,000!

    The ammo supply was great as were the prices. Things like .380 target rounds were in the mid-teen price range and there was plenty of it. I even found some FMJ .45 Long Colt for a change. (Indoor ranges won't let you shoot the lead stuff anymore). .223 and .308 was just plain cheap but I can say that easily since I seldom shoot either.

    In knives, the up-scale makers seemed to be more prevalent than in the past. People like Benchmade were common place on the tables at the expense of the less expensive, foreign products.

    In tactical gear, black is apparently out. Camo seems to have completely taken over the tactical fabric world. Everything from backpacks to scabbards was multicolor. Though I understand the principal, I donít really care for it. I guess that, if it hits the fan, Iíll only be out at night!

    OK. Nuff said. Catch you at the next gun show. (You canít miss me. Iíll be the one in black.)
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    1. Sgt T's Avatar
      Sgt T -
      Great article. Our next big show is in a month.
    1. Eccentric's Avatar
      Eccentric -
      Excellent review. I'd really happy if there was one up here that large. "Roll your own" AR? Very cool!

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