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    I pulled off the road into a Loves truck stop in Tucumcari Thursday night for some chips and the restroom.

    I make it a habit to have my hand (inconspicuously) on my gun when walking through truck stop parking lots. A scraggly looking white guy approx 45 approached me while I was walking between two trailers. I advised him to keep his distance. He assured me he wasn't any danger to me (oh, ok.) and then he asked if I liked guns. He then proceeded to go into his coat and pull something out. I ordered him to freeze and when he looked up he was looking down my barrel. I told him to take whatever it was out really slowly or I was going to kill him. He very, very, slowly took out a 1911 (colt commander- very nice, I later found out) holding it by the muzzle and laid it on the ground. He said he was only charging $200 for it. I told him to scoot it to me with his foot. I scooted it the rest of the way to me and stepped on it. Then I ordered him to the ground and yelled to a passer by to call the cops. There happened to be a cop inside the truck stop and so he arrived very quickly. When I saw him coming I put my gun away so I wasn't mistaken for the BG. Meanwhile the guy on the ground was calling me dreadful things and still trying to sell me the gun at the same time. At one point he lowered the price to $50. Maybe if he had offered me that discount earlier we could have worked something out! (just kidding) The cop showed up and cuffed the guy and then asked me for ID. I gave him my License and CHL. I told my story and before I finished two other cops arrived. The first cop the interviewed the BG and when he came back to me he was laughing. He said the guy tried to sell him the gun too. That pretty much summed things up. I was given my license back, I went inside for my now long over due leak, bought some chips and hit the road.

    As I was driving I went over it in my head multiple times for the next 4 hours counting all the things I did wrong. I held someone at gun point, I basically preformed a citizens arrest, I tunnel visioned on him completely ignoring any potential danger from behind, I made a guy not only put a very nice gun on the ground but then I had him scoot it across the ground and then I stepped on it. That is the part that really hurts. Oh, and I also passed up on a great deal on a nice gun!

    Seriously though, in hindsight, I made some tactical errors that could have gotten me killed. I wasn't harmed in the end but I guess as long as I learned something maybe if there is a next time I wont make the same mistakes...
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    1. texengineer's Avatar
      texengineer -
      I think that the tactical errors that your counterpart made were much much worse than yours. He could have done a LOT of things differently as he tried to sell you a gun in the truck stop parking lot (tactical error number 1). It's better to be safe than sorry, and even though you made some mistakes, the next time something like this happens (Odds?? ) you'll have a few more checklist items to remember.
    1. Decline's Avatar
      Decline -
      Quote Originally Posted by texengineer View Post
      the next time something like this happens (Odds?? ) you'll have a few more checklist items to remember.
      You know, normally I would agree with you that the odds of something like this happening again are close to nil but I seem to have bad luck with this sort of thing. This is, if I remember right, the 5th time I have had to draw my sidearm in the last 3 years. Thankfully I haven't had to pull the trigger on anyone . I sincerely hope I never do. The cost of .45 ammo is atrocious!!

      But of course I kid! (about that being my concern i mean, I don't want to shoot anyone and .45 ammo is expensive)

      I would like to note for any new CCW holders out there- I have never drawn my weapon unless i was ready, willing and a hairs breadth away from pulling the trigger. Never, Ever, Ever, draw your gun unless you have a legal reason to fire said weapon!!!! Pulling your gun to try to end a non life threatening situation is a dangerous game that will likley land you in prison. You are not a cop and even if you are I don't belive that even cops are supposed to do that.
    1. SkivMarine's Avatar
      SkivMarine -
      Why don't I ever get offers like that?

      On the serious side, a guy selling a gun in a parking lot is not doing it because he wants give you a great deal. He's doing it for darker reasons.
      As far as I'm concerned you had every right in the world to slow him down some when he was taking something out of his his coat.

      Couple of reasons for this.

      He's scraggly in appearance. It might not be fair, but appearance is a great indicator of character.
      He says; "do you like guns?" A very odd thing to open up with. I could see him pulling the gun and saying something like "how do you like THIS one?" as he pumps several rounds into you.
      Finally; holding a potential danger at bay with your own weapon is a SMART thing to do. Having the police nearby was lucky.
      There may have been some tactical mistakes. You won't make them again. But I think your actions were more than justified.
    1. Rossi's Avatar
      Rossi -
      I never, ever second guess a F on F. I just wasn't there. Possible suggestions for the future is about as far as I go.

      But I'll tell you my friend, I would have drawn down on this dirt-bag also. Civilians simply don't understand how fast bad things can happen in a situation like that. Ayoob talks about this all the time..... it isn't just the threat, it's what the armed citizen perceived as a threat at the time.

      Suggestions not needed on some of the tactical issues later..... you saw them in the after-action recap.

      Glad it all worked out, and a possible stolen firearm will be off the street.


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