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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Review Of The GSG-1911
  • Review Of The GSG-1911

    A little over a year ago, I mentioned that I had found a reasonably priced .22 caliber pistol, as opposed to an after market kit for a conversion. The mission was to find a inexpensive way to live-train for techniques and muscle memory. I had settled for the Chiappa 1911-22, a very inexpensive, Italian-built 1911.

    The performance was poor, both the gun and the ammunition (Remington 36g ball, loose in box). I really didn't mind all that much. It was not a personal protection tool, and it was cheap to run. The final break-in sheet showed 772 rounds with 51 failures, a 6.6% disaster.

    But then my bud at the gun shop brought to my attention a new line (for them) that they were offering. The GSG (German Sport Gun), and he had on hand, their GSG-1911. This pistol is outstanding, and was just what I was looking for a year ago.

    As you read this, bear in mind it is a $340.00 .22 caliber (Midwest priced) pistol. This gun looks and acts just like his WW II grandpa, with a minor difference in the weapon breakdown. It is a little lighter at 34.39 ounces as opposed to a 39 oz Springfield Armory .45 MilSpc, but even there, the gun is going to be a little heavier... the company has a recall, replacing the alloy barrel bushing with a steel one.

    Again, note the price. Moving along, we find it has a grip safety, ambidextrous slide safeties, and adjustable sights. And....Hmm that's strange.... in the tool package with the allen wrenches for sight adjustment, is a wrench. What is that for? Oh, I see, there are notches on the barrel to unscrew the end cover to expose the suppressor threads. Gee, you could screw on a suppressor, and it would be as loud as someone spitting out of the side of their mouth. With the thread cover attachment screwed on the barrel, it gives the appearance of a bigger caliber gun.

    Come on Rossi....I can hear you out there, what's the catch? Here it is....sit down. There is only one magazine and the spares are $37.95 each. Probably plastic crap like all the other .22s these days. Oh, no, wait a minute... these are solid steel, and when directed to do so, drop out like a stone out of the bottom of the gun.

    Alright, shoots like crap, right? Wrong again bear-breath. Very smooth shooter and I rate recoil as -0-. Adjusting the sites, I've moved an outstanding group to just above the bull's eye before running out of time. The next trip out will be a paper-murder.

    Reliable? Let's check that. It's early yet (pretty slow going with only one 10-round mag), but the stats stand at 332 rounds with -0- failures. My 3 extra mags arrived the day after range day, so the pace will pick up now.

    Finally..... if there is something wrong with this pistol, someone else will need to show it to me. The pistol can be seen at:


    P.S. In fairness, I must plead guilty to feeding the Chiappa bad food. The Remington 36g Value Box with 500 rounds loose in box is junk. My 10/22 rifle didn't shoot reliably with it either. I moved on to Federal 525 loose in box. Both the 10/22 and the GSG ran flawlessly.
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    1. Bebo's Avatar
      Bebo -
      good review, sounds like a useful practice 1911 ... thanks.
    1. Jim Trueblood's Avatar
      Jim Trueblood -
      Thanks for the post.....good info.

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