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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Is Open Carry What We Need... Or What We Want?
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  • Is Open Carry What We Need... Or What We Want?

    I see that the open carry discussion was briefly broached again in another thread, this time involving the Texas petition for open carry legislation. It might be surprising to some that not all ASD members agree with the open carry concept. You can include me in that category. I fought against open carry in Oklahoma when it came up last year. Would it be easier to open carry... absolutely. I could carry as big a gun as I wanted without the concern of it printing. Would it be safer... possibly so. It might deter some aggression toward me at some time. Would it promote aggression toward me... also possibly so. It might encourage the prospect of eliminating me as a threat to the deterrence of a planned criminal action. Would it enhance my social life... hardly. There is little question that I would quickly find myself ostracized within my own social world, even though most of my friends and associates are, at the very least, gun friendly. There is a distinctly different attitude toward open carry as opposed to concealed carry in the general public. If I, or most people that I know, walked into a restaurant in my state and found that eight of the thirty seated patrons were open carrying, I would without question, leave. If I owned a business that was open to the public, I would post it so as not to allow open carry. You simply could not afford the luxury of allowing it as it would drive off 60% of the customers.

    Most active gun and 2A enthusiasts simply fail to realize the stigma that the majority of the population have regarding seeing guns in public. Remember the rifle toting individual at the political rally back in '08? That was far more negative to our cause than it was positive. The individual, though legally within his rights, was generally perceived as a radical fringe element that was a danger to society. We don't need this kind of publicity.

    I personally believe that open carry laws will prove to be self-distructive in the long run. The backlash from this seemingly just legislation will be more than most of us will want to endure. As concealed carry people, we tend to wear blinders. We ignore or dismiss those who disagree with our viewpoints about guns and we even believe ourselves to be in the majority. Let new open carry laws pass in a few larger states and the response will be quick and effective from the anti-gun crowds. The few states that currently have open carry are not considered politically significant to the nation and are therefore basically ignored as a "cowboy" mentality. Let a couple of states like Texas or Pennsylvania or Tennessee or Virginia pass open carry and the whole nation will take notice and that notice will not be positive.

    Each of us needs to sincerely ponder whether it is to our best advantage to support open carry. Put away the "cause the 2nd Amendment says I can" thoughts and consider whether it is the fight you want to take on at this time. The anti-gun crowd is getting ready to launch an all out assault on our rights to even own guns, let alone carry them. Open carry simply gives them more ammunition (pun intended) to use against us with the "neutral" public.

    We are in a most serious of times. Our nation, as we know it, is in extreme danger of total collapse. The radical liberals are doing things today that we never imagined they could accomplish even 12 months ago (i.e. Occupy Wall Street). These are exactly the things that were a precursor of the Bolshevik Revolution, when the communists took over Russia. Now is the time to carefully pick our battles. I do not believe that open carry is one that will promote our cause or beliefs.

    OK, gals and guys. I do expect some rebuttal, ya know! :-) (Since my smiles don't seem to be working)
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    1. Hector G's Avatar
      Hector G -
      Hello from FL. where open carry is on the works. Our laws recently changed to allow open carry while fishing, huntin, camping, etc. without a CCW permit; I had the opportunity to live in the state of Virginia (Northern Virginia) where there is open carry, walked around town, rode my motorcycle, fished in ponds and was never harrased by the law or the citicense. I believe that the Fairfax County police was educated on our freedom to open carry and that makes a big difference on how people react to guns on the open. I look forward to the same response in the state of FL. EDUCATION is the key.
      Best regards.
    1. Eccentric's Avatar
      Eccentric -
      I like having the open carry option. From a tactical standpoint it's not always wise, but it sure would be nice to acclimate the public to seeing guns without going into panic mode. I grew up around a lot of LEOs so seeing guns was not a big deal but the general public has been educated to view them in a very negative way.

      I've had friends who have been in AZ and they said it was cool to see the open carry. I ran across one guy in GA in a grocery store and I know I smiled.
    1. Jim Trueblood's Avatar
      Jim Trueblood -
      I've lived in two different states that both had Open Carry, and when CCW legislation was introduced we didn't want CCW to replace Open Carry. Working with both local and national NRA, as well as ALL pro-2a local and state politicians ( republican, democrat, independent, libertarian) we made certain that Open Carry remained the law of the land.
    1. Rossi's Avatar
      Rossi -
      Interesting thread.

      We had a brush with open carry just this fall. In Overland Park, Ks (burb of Kansas City), like other Kansas towns, fall all over themselves to "out-2A" the next town's laws. Very refreshing attitude, but sometimes gets them in a little trouble.

      As an example, there were no restrictions on the policy other than being age 21. Gee, a guy wants to get a concealed carry license, but why bother, when you can open carry?

      Let's see, a 19-year old has been carrying a Star Wars blaster in the Sand Box for 2 years and all he can have is a water gun in Overland Park?

      The latest is that, as usual for politicians, "studying the matter further." In the state of Kansas, there is no law regarding open carry. It's a case by case basis. Actually, in 35 years in this area I've never seen 1 open carry. It's just not done for the same reasons most of us do.... who wants to give away the advantage of surprise?

      Plenty of CCW's though. Kansas is incredibly Red State. Too bad we are fly-over country with only 4 electoral votes


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