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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Range Report- Beretta PX4 Storm subcompact
  • Range Report- Beretta PX4 Storm subcompact

    Long ago promised, never forgotten. So I was finally able to take my PX4 subcompact out again today, only the second time since I bought it in November. I must say, this is a sweet little gun. I got my px4 in 9mm, mag capacity of 13. The first thing that I noticed this time out was how much more manageable it seemed. When I first took it to the range, it seemed very snappy, which seemed right being a 3.2 inch barrel. What didn't seem right was my grouping, or lack thereof. I was all over the place, could hardly put a round in the center of the paper from about 8 yds away. This time out, I was expecting much the same, but I was very surprised. I don't know what changed, but I was getting very good groupings at 10 yds. Nice and centered. There was still a noticeable snappiness to the gun, but not so much that it was a hindrance to good aiming. My favorite feature on this gun is the trigger. I've never shot another DA/SA gun, but I really like the trigger on the px4. The double action is noticeably long, but it doesn't feel overly long. The trigger itself feels comfortable, and you can feel when it's going to break. It's easy to anticipate the break and know exactly how much pressure and pull is needed. The SA trigger pull is nice and short, easy to get used to. The reset is perfect, allowing for fast follow-up-shots. I tried a speed reload today, emptying all 13 rounds in the mag as fast as I could on the 2nd mag, and all the rounds were grouped well, from about 10 yds. It really is just fun to shoot this thing! Take-down is easy and quick, and cleaning it is a breeze. On my subcompact, trying to clean around the hammer and trigger assembly can be a pain at times, but it just requires patience and a bit more work. Reassembly is easy, except when putting the pin back in. For some reason, and I don't know if this is just mine, or if this is regular for the px4, but the pin has to be rotated the opposite way from which you rotated it on the take-down and then locked into place. Just seems kind of weird that you can't just do it in reverse order to reassemble. But it's no big deal. Something else I noticed is the mag springs are super stiff. I can't get more than 5 rounds loaded by hand before I have to get the speed loader for the other 8. Very stiff springs, but I like the build of the mags. Out of 500 rounds, I've had 1 stovepipe, and my friend who shot 1 mag through it had one failure to feed, but I think that was due more to his grip. Overall, I think this is a great gun. It fits my hand well, and the interchangeable backstraps are a nice addition. The safety/decocking lever is in a great position. And best of all, it's fun to shoot.
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