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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - The new Glock 42 .380
  • The new Glock 42 .380

    The release of the new Glock 42 .380 has stirred mixed reactions among Glock enthusiasts. The .380 isn't new for Glock, it has been producing a .380 for years but import restrictions have kept it out of the U.S. Some are excited about its release while others are disappointed its not a single stack 9mm. I am excited to have a dependable .380 to call upon as a back up. I should have one in about two weeks and will give a full review.

    It is the smallest Glock pistol made to date. Its 6 + 1 capacity is not exciting IMHO but looking at the magazine it appears it could hold more. I do not know why it has been restrained to a 6 round magazine. A 9 round magazine like the G27 .40 would be more appealing to me. The one thing I am certain of is this thing is 100% Glock. The same design and take down as its predecessors means there is nothing new to learn. The dovetail sights mean night sights are a possibility. Its impressive to have a small .380 that you can actually aim at a target rather than the point and shoot with other pocket .380's.

    The Gen4 design gives the shooter the benefit of the dual recoil spring. The recoil of most other .380's is rather snappy. My Kel-Tec is no exception and the Ruger LCP's I've shot are the same. Reports from an independent test group that signed non-disclosure agreements in December of 2013 say the G42 has a very mild recoil. This is certainly a plus for smaller or weak hands.

    • Length (overall): 151 mm / 5.94 in.
    • Length (slide cpl.): 146 mm / 5.75 in.
    • Width: 24 mm / 0.94 in.
    • Height (with magazine): 105 mm / 4.13 in.
    • Barrel length: 82.5 mm / 3.25 in.
    • Length of twist: 250 mm / 9.84 in.
    • Trigger distance: 61 mm / 2.40 in.
    • Trigger travel: 12.5 mm / .49 in.
    • Barrel distance: 18 mm / 0.71 in.
    • Line of sight (polymer): 125 mm / 4.92 in.
    • Weight
      • Pistol without magazine: 350 g / 12.35 oz.
      • Magazine std. empty: 40 g / 1.41 oz.
      • Magazine std. full: 57 g / 2.01 oz.
      • Magazine Capacity (rounds): 6
      • Barrel Profile: right hand twist; hexagonal
      • Standard Trigger Pull: ~5.62 lbs.

    I look forward to giving a review on the new G42 in a few weeks. I truly am excited about this release and also hope they release a single stack 9mm with these dimensions in the near future as well. Glock reliability in a .380 caliber is finally here!

    What are your thoughts?


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    1. rkbartley's Avatar
      rkbartley -
      I've never had the opportunity to shoot a .380, and to tell you the truth haven't been very interested. However, I look forward to your review and may be changing my mind. Another easily concealed firearm would be a plus!


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