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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Review - Gen 4 Sub-Compact Glock 27
  • Review - Gen 4 Sub-Compact Glock 27

    Before joining the Sheriff's Office as a Reserve Deputy almost 4 years ago, I had never owned a Glock though I had shot from a couple owned by a friend in the past. At the time it was my only experience with a polymer frame semi-auto. My first love has always been a 1911 model .45... When I decided to purchase my own polymer frame several years ago I went with the Springfield XD45 4" Service model just from the feel of it in my hand. It just felt good and the natural aim of it was apparent. Upon shooting it the accuracy was very impressive so I purchased a sub-compact XD40 as a CCW. After joining I was looking for a back up and policy restricted me to a caliber no larger than .40 caliber for duty. I was at the time using a Walther PPKS .380 on my ankle or a Kel-Tec .380 attached to my body armor. My Sub-Compact XD40 was an excellent gun but required a different magazine than my On-Duty Gen 3 Glock 23 .40 caliber sidearm. My main motivation was to have a back up that not only used the 13rd Glock 23 mags I carried but the full size 15rd Glock 22 mags used by some other officers. We have a choice of the G23 or G22 as a primary weapon, it is a personal preference. In a crucial moment its nice to know your back up can feed any magazine from a fellow officer. That's just good planning and common sense to me.

    After about 4 months of being on a back order list at GT Distributors in early 2012 I got call my order had come in. I quickly rushed to the store to acquire my new companion. I purchased my sidearm as an officer which gave me the benefit of a discount plus no background check fee. The firearm itself was $398 plus night sights installed it was around $450. My G27 came as a Blue Label which means it came with 3 magazines instead of 2 in a standard Red Label purchase.

    The first trip to the range was impressive. Very accurate and manageable. I quickly went through 250 rounds without a single malfunction. I have since lost count of how many rounds it has consumed but I can say that it still has never had a malfunction.

    The dual recoil spring is amazing in the Gen 4 line. The added benefit of adding backstraps to increase the grip gives the shooter the benefit of having a close if not custom fit in the hand. I personally used the middle size strap for perfect finger pad placement on the trigger. The ambidextrous mag release gives the shooter even more control vs the Gen 3 line. Accuracy from the new recoil spring is very impressive. It has become my daily carry defense weapon of choice. I never leave home without it. Due to my (Day Job) work environment it is carried in a Galco ankle holster. I'm fortunate enough to now work for a company that supports concealed carry permit holders.

    Overall impression of the Gen 4 Glock 27 is outstanding. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! Excellent CCW weapon of choice. The .40 cal cartridge to me has always been a snappy opponent but the Gen 4 has a very manageable recoil, excellent sidearm for self-defense. Whether you're a Glock fan or not, the reliability of a Glock is proven. It is the AK of the handgun world! I'm trusting my life to it, you choose for yourself...

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    1. rkbartley's Avatar
      rkbartley -
      Thank you! Having the benefit of changeable backstraps was the main reason I purchased my HK P2000sk. At the time it was one of only a very few guns that would fit my hand comfortably.

    1. oldditchdoctor's Avatar
      oldditchdoctor -
      I love mine!! I have the 9mm and am looking to get the 40 cal as well. Blue Line Pricing is the best thing ever!

      The old guy

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