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A Southern State of Mind...

It's only been a few hours...

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It's only been a few hours since I shut down the website to remodel it, and I'm already wishing I was finished. The week ahead is going to feel like an entire year.

My plans for this website are starting to come together. This new software will allow me to do the things I've placed on the back burner since starting American Sheepdog. We will soon grow to become an online resource magazine which will allow us to provide a broad spectrum of content for the CCW community. The Blog addition will allow each member to have your own platform to speak out & lend your voice to the defense of the 2nd Amendment or your opinions on the world. Consider it your own personal site that you could link to in the signature of your emails.

I would like to thank each member of American Sheepdog for your support and being active here with us. 2010 will be a big year for ASD, I look forward to sharing it with you.


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  1. dnola's Avatar
    Can't wait for it to all come together.
  2. UGA's Avatar
    Me too! :)
  3. Rossi's Avatar
    It's been a huge undertaking, but something that I think you will be proud of when the dust settles.

    I've never designed a site, but I can imagine what creative juices are flowing to pull a project like this together.

    I'm sure I can speak for many...we appreciate it.



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