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Sgt T

Road Trip To Front Sight, #2

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Arrived at Olathe, Kansas about 0100, 24 Jan. The drive from Burleson, Texas was good. A little rain but nothing serious. I stopped in Norman, Oklahoma and had dinner with an old Air Force buddy of mine. We did the Presidential Security detail at Andrews AFB, Maryland back in the early 80's. Glenn went on to become civilian police officer and is now retired. Where did the time go? After dinner I continued north and east towards Kansas.

Since I arrived before Daniel, my oldest son, got off from work we decided I would hang out at a 24hr Walmart close to his house until he got off. When Daniel showed up the ladies at the registers all knew him. It seems he goes there often after work.

Daniel, Tim (my youngest son) and I had dinner at Montana Mikes in Lawrence, Kansas to celebrates the boys birthdays. Daniel's was today, Tim's was the 16th. Afterwards we had a great visit. On the drive back to Olathe we encountered some snow flurries. Looking at the national weather map it looks good so far for my drive to Colorado Tuesday. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am meeting Rossi for lunch.

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  1. kenlefeb's Avatar
    If I'd been paying attention to your blog, I'd have tried to hook you up with my brother, Daniel, who works at Tinker and is coming with me to Front Sight in March...

    Oh well... I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your blog entries.


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