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Road Trip To Front Sight, #3 Meeting Rossi. - Blogs - American Sheepdog
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Sgt T

Road Trip To Front Sight, #3 Meeting Rossi.

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My son and I had the priviledge of having lunch with Rossi today. The old adage, "it takes one to know one" is very true. As soon as my son and I walked into the restaurant it took about two seconds to locate Rossi, who had already identified me as a fellow sheepdog. Upon meeting we introduced ourselves and began to visit. Like my lunch with RKB a few months ago it was more like old friends reuniting than new friends trying to get to know each other. The three of us had a nice lunch at one of Rossi's regular hang-outs. The food and converstion were excellent. After lunch I took Daniel home to get some rest before he went to work this evening. Rossi and I then went to an indoor shooting range for some much needed "lead therapy." The range is The Bullet Hole, located in Overland Park, Kansas. They were well staffed, had a good selection of firearms, and a nice facility. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

After our shooting session we headed back to the restuarant where I had left my car. Being a little early to call it a day, Rossi and I went back to the restaurant to "wet our whistles." Rossi called another shooting buddy of his to join us. Like Rossi, his buddy was one of us. Our conversations covered a variety of topics and continued on into dinner time. Fortunately our waitress "B" was the cutest thing I had seen since my arrival in Kansas. She was also effecient and delightful. She came to our table often, but I think that was because we were just older versions of her boyfriend who is serving in Iraq. She said her dad was a retired Lt Col. She knew she was safe with us.

Unfortunately I had to call it a night. I have long drive to Colorado tomorrow and my sinuses are giving me fits. Time to take some sinus tabs, get some sleep and prepare for the longest drive of my trip so far, 13 hrs. And that is if the weather cooperates. To conclude I will say this, if more people had friends or were friends like Rossi, the world would be a safer place. Rossi is "Semper Fi, Do or Die" all the way. Great meeting you my friend!

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  1. UGA's Avatar
    You are making me jealous! That sounds like a lot of fun, meeting members and all. I bet its really nice getting a face to face with people we've met and made friends with here. That's just fantastic. Have fun Sgt T, be safe...
  2. Bebo's Avatar
    13 hours to colorado, and the first half will be long and boring but the second half will be thru the passes of colorado and require some careful driving .... go slow and easy and looking forward to your arrival .. the good part is that Pahrump is an easy 8 hour drive from grand junction so it will not be too tough from here.
  3. Rossi's Avatar
    It was indeed my pleasure to host an ASD bud. You can talk to one 5 minutes, and you know he is somebody who will cover your Six.

    Glad to be a part of the trip. Come anytime.



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