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Sgt T

Road Trip To Front Sight, #4 America The Beautiful

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Oh beatiful for spacious skys
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountains majesty,
Above the fruited plains.

America, America
God shed His grace on thee,
And crowned thy good with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea.

The words to America The Beatiful are very fitting for this journey. I left Olathe, Kansas at 0500, Jan 26th, heading west on I-70 across Kansas towards Colorado. As I was entering the town of Salinas, Kansas the sun was just coming over the eastern horizon like a giant orange ball. I stopped for a quick breakfast since I had already been driving several hours. The temperature was a crisp 27 degrees. As I continued west after breakfast the sun rose higher in the sky. The sky was blue and spacious, very spacious. There were still patches of snow along the highway and in the fields. The fields themselves were covered with the stalks of harvested grains and corn. Kept in place to keep the wind from blowing away the top soil. There was a very steady wind of about 20 mph+ all day. Because of the steady winds on the Kansas plains they are the ideal location for one of the largest wind farms I have ever seen. Windmills standing hundreds of feet high. The blades are about 120 feet long by themeslves. I finally crossed the Kansas/Colorado border around noon, maybe a little later. Everyone kept telling me "it's such a long boring drive." But for me the time was about the same as going from my mom's hous to my house. And since I was raised in the Texas Panhandle, the flat plains felt very much like home.

As I was coming into Limon, Colorado I got my first glimpse of "purple mountains majesty" in the distance, still a hundred miles away. The next time you start thinking about how big you are, drive I-70 across the Rockies. Even after I had seen the mountains it was over and hour before I got the their bases. The drive through the eastern side was fairly easy. There were beautiful vistas around every corner. Pine trees, some snow on the ground and on the mountain peaks. I'm not sure where the actual dividing line is between the eastern and western halves is, but you know it when you cross it. The western half of the drive still had grand views of towering mountains, but you dared not take you eyes off the road. The wind gust through the high passes created snow storms by blowing snow off the surrounding mountains. The roads were increasingly wet and potentially dangerous. I was lucky in that I crossed the Rockies on a good weather day.

I arrived at my destination in Colorado 14 1/2 hours after leaving Olathe, Kansas. This is where the "crowned thy good with brotherhood" part comes in. Today I planned on meeting Bebo and mmszbi, two more members of ASD. Just as happened with Rossi, Bebo and mmszbi (and mmszbi wife) were my kind of people and I knew I was among friends. Granted we have all "known" each other on ASD for over a year but it's not until you shake a persons hand or meet them face-to-face that you know if you will be actual friends. The members of ASD I have been able to meet during this trek are indeed members of a good brotherhood. Like minded individuals who take their citizenship seriously, who love their country, and who watch over the sheep around them.

Tomorrow Bebo and I are going sight-seeing and hopefully shooting.

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  1. Bebo's Avatar
    Scott, it is a pleasure having you here and we will be seeing some grand sights tomorrow .. bet you dont know why they call this place "Grand Junction" .. well it is because this is where the colorado and gunnison river join together and form the mighty colorado river, we will see it tomorrow.... remind me to text Michael and remind him how much fun it is to shoot while he is at work ..
  2. rkbartley's Avatar
    Bebo, if you keep this up Michael won't let you shoot the AR nice now.

    You two guys have a good day and don't trouble yourselves by thinking of all of us that are having to "hold the fort" at work while y'all are having all the fun.

  3. Bebo's Avatar
    well, It looks like scott is well on the road to the last eight hours before reaching his destination. we had a couple inches of snow last night so it might be a little adventure for a few hours and he might hit some snow on the road heading for utah ... drive careful and god speed, scott .. enjoyed your visit.
  4. mmszbi's Avatar
    I finally get to get online. Really enjoyed dinner with Bebo and Scott, Bebo, thanks for dinner.
    Michele and I really enjoyed you two at dinner. Scott, hopefully you actually got some food in ya as i know I asked a LOT of questions. Your experiences are so very interesting. Hope you enjoyed your tour of our little burg with Bill.


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