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Road To Front Sight, #5 A Day With Bebo - Blogs - American Sheepdog
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Sgt T

Road To Front Sight, #5 A Day With Bebo

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At the conclusion of dinner Tuesday evening Bebo and I decided to meet around 10:00 Wednesday morning. When I arrived at Bebo's house snow was starting to fall and visibility was decreasing. The roads, for someone from south Texas, were looking ominous. So, Bebo says, "Lets take a drive and I'll show you the sights." We climbed into a Jeep and took off. The snow continued to fall.

Our tour of Grand Junction naturally took us to the Colorado National Monument. Even though visibility was limited the drive through the monument, which is 26 miles of winding roads wrapped along the edge of an enormous canyon, was breathtaking. I am sure that on a clear day I could have seen forever. On this day however, I could see sheer cliffs and the bottom of the canyon a 1000 feet below me. Did I mention that is was snowing? That the road was slick? That they don't believe in guard rails? Good thing Bebo was driving.

Two hours later Bebo and I exited the Colorado National Monument and it was time for lunch. Next stop the firing range. The snow was still coming down. The firing range is located out in the boondocks on BLM land. Four wheel drive was needed to get there. When we finally got to the range there were cows standing around the Range Safety Rules sign. After getting some makeshift targets setup Bebo let me tryout his new trigger on his CX4. The CX4 comes from the factory with a horrible trigger, 10-12 lbs. The new trigger was much smoother and lighter. The snow was still falling and the temperature was about 30 degrees or less. We were going to have to cut our range session short.

As we were packing up our gear the thought came to me, "I'm shooting a Glock, there is lots of snow." I loaded a magazine with five rounds and loaded it into my Glock 17, the chamber was empty. I threw my Glock into the snow, buried it, and stomped on it. Afterwards I picked it up, shook it off, racked the slide and fired off five rounds without a problem. I asked Bebo if he wanted to try that with his Kimber. For some reason he declined.

The weather was not letting up and the hour was getting late. Bebo invited me to stay the night and I was happy to accept. Bebo and his family had made me feel very much at home. That is the nice thing about being a sheepdog.

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  1. Bebo's Avatar
    Yep, when Scott threw his pistol into the snow and stepped on it ... I thought to myself, yep rosemary is right ..not enough oxygen for those Texans up here .. guess he will start talking crazy next .. sure enough he started talking crazy and wanted to know if i wanted to throw my beautiful Kimber into the snow ... well heck no!!!
    It was a great pleasure to have you stay over Scott and good luck and hard work at your testing at front sight...


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