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Sgt T

Front Sight, Day 2

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At Front Sight "regular" students classes start at 0800. Instructor Development students, like the instructors, have to show up earlier to set up their range, do dry practice, or prep for lectures. At 0700 we all showed up and set up our range and prepared for our presentations. Each student had a meeting with Mr Bishop and Mr Morello.

During my meeting Mr Bishop, Mr Morello and I discussed the logistics and prerequisites of becoming an instructor. Mr Bishop and Mr Morello expressed to me that of the students in the class I had the strongest shooting and instructing skills. They also informed me that taking a 4 Day Handgun course is a prerequisite for being hired as an instructor. Unlike my situation (living in Texas), most of the instructors at Front Sight live reasonably close and can attend a 4-Day course with relative ease. After discussing the matter we agreed that my moving into the 4 Day Handgun class, at Fronts Sights expense, would be a more constructive use of my training time since I was already a competent instructor but needed the 4 day class. I would be able to attend another Instructor Development at my convenience. Mr Morello walked with me to the range where the handgun class was being conducted and introduced me to the range master. This was day 2 of the 4 Day Handgun course.

As is the standard at Front Sight, the class started at precisely 0800. The topic was stoppage drills, which I admit is my weakest area. That is the problem with having a gun that always works. The instructors explained and demonstrated the procedures to the class. The students then went to the line. Front Sight uses the Student/Coach method of instruction. After completing the stoppage drill exercises the students took a seat for another lecture. The next class was on controlled pairs. Shortly after the students returned to the firing line one of the instructors approached me, since he knew I had come from ID, and asked if I would work with a lady who was paired with her husband. (Most you you know that is not an optimal situation) The husband was moved to the opposite end of the line. I continued to coach this lady for the rest of the morning. The class then broke for lunch.

While on the lunch break I received a text from my brother asking me to call him. When we spoke he indicated that the Doctors were very concerned about my mom's recovery, that is guardedly hopeful. After much thought, and with consultation with Mr Morello, I decided that my returning home was the correct course of action. Mr Morello gave me his card and told me that I was being invited to return and attend, at Front Sights expense, a 4 Day Handgun course and Instructor Development course. Two hours later I was packed, checked out of my hotel, and on the road for my return to Texas. Exactly 24 hours later I pulled into my mother's driveway.

When I went to the ICU and visited with my mom she was heavily sedated and and on strong pain medications. When I spoke to her, although she was unable to open her eyes or speak because of a breathing tube, she nodded her head indicating she knew I was there, then fell asleep again. My mom went into the hospital about a week ago because of pain in her abdomen. I talked to her on the phone and she said, "I'll be ok, you continue on with your trip and your training." I had daily updates with my sister and she kept telling me the same thing. When my brother sent the text asking me to call him on Day 2 I knew that the training would have to wait for a future date.

Although my training at Front Sight was very abbreviated I was very impressed with the staff and their level of commitment to producing a quality product, their students. Because of the volume of students who attend Front Sight on an annual basis a very high level of professionalism and consistency is required. I would recommend, without reservation, to anyone I know that they attend a course at Front Sight. I plan on returning.

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  1. UGA's Avatar
    Sgt T, I'm sorry for the abrupt end to the training session, however I'm even more concerned for your mother as are you. I know that Front Sight looks forward to your return and your ability/skill will serve you well with them. I continue my prayers for her, and you as well. You would make a great instructor at Front Sight, they know that, & we know that. I hope all is well for you and yours...

    These blog updates are great for the ASD family, it keeps us informed and I thank you for them, again, I hope all is well.

  2. mmszbi's Avatar hat is off to you and my heart with your mom. You are truly a standup guy to put family over all else and at great personal expense and time.
    My hats off to Front Site for their offer of a paid for return.


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