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A Southern State of Mind...

Stranded in Charlotte

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Leaving Ohio yesterday was a little crazy. A large winter storm was moving in and I needed to fly back home after 3 weeks in the buckeye state. Once arriving at the airport in Dayton, I was a nervous ball of energy expecting any second that my flight would be canceled. After all, it was snowing heavily with a good 6 inches on the ground in a couple hours. Charlotte announced that they were good to go and didn't expect any bad weather until Saturday, so this meant that once I left Dayton, all was well.

When they announced "Now boarding flight 2..." I was excited. After getting on the plane, the Pilot announced that we would need to de-ice, we did have a lot of snow and ice on the wings. This took quite a while and delayed our landing in Charlotte by an hour. Not really bad I guess, since I was expecting a 1.75 hour layover anyway I thought GREAT they just saved an hour. No biggie right?

I am now on layover hour # 10.5 out of 16!!!!!!!

Seems they canceled my connecting flight to home. They say it was due to weather, but I think it was due to being a small flight with not so many butts in the seats. Flights out to Atlanta, Knoxville and Nashville continued all night, they were full of course, I TRIED!

Point being, the weather wasn't bad and you have to fly the same route to get to these cities. Any who, have you seen the movie "Terminal" or "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks? That's me right now. They made us leave the terminals about 2300 last night. I had just found a comfortable rocking chair too.

After spending some time trying to get comfortable in the mid-evil chairs available in the Check in area, I made my way down to baggage claim. It was a ghost town except for a few others that had the same idea I did. I was shopping for a home and I didn't have time for a real-estate agent... I managed to find a really great, freezing cold patch of carpet covered concrete just behind some payphones. This is where I slept from 0100-0500 using my laptop bag as a pillow. Luckily though, all kidding aside, I just purchased a new Webkinz stuffed animal for my daughter and it was in the side pocket of my laptop bag. I love that Swan... That brings us to right now, I woke up just over an hour ago and I'm trying to keep my mind busy. Many more hours to go.

If they make a movie about this experience of mine, who do you think should play me in the movie? Brad Pitt? Nah, too girly, and definite not good-looking enough.

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  1. dnola's Avatar
    I was afraid that was going to happen to you but I expected it to be in Ohio, not in Charlotte. Sorry UGA. Maybe soon!
  2. texengineer's Avatar
    "If they make a movie about this experience of mine, who do you think should play me in the movie? Brad Pitt? Nah, too girly, and definite not good-looking enough"

    HAHA!! Maybe Christian Bale or Robert Downey Jr. Batman or Ironman would definitely not be girly, but both would still fall short on good looks. It's a trade-off situation really.

    I hope that you made it the rest of the way home safely, and enjoyed the Superbowl in the comfort of your own home! Or potentially the comfort of the home of a friend with a bigger TV (that's what I did )


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