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Sgt T


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I use to give the cadets that were graduating from bootcamp a rubber bracelet that had "WWSgtTD" on one side and "86400" on the other. The "WWSgtTD" is probably fairly obvious in it's meaning, "What Would Sgt T Do?" After spending eight months at bootcamp and hearing my many lectures about right and wrong, and my own conservative slant on things, I would tell the cadets that if they were in doubt about something that they should ask themselves WWSgtTD? I know that I'm blatantly ripping off the WWJD theme, but since I can't proselytize at work (and wouldn't want to anyway) it works for me. At some level it may work for them as well.

The 86400 on the other side of the bracelet was a to remind the cadets of their most precious commodity and that it should be invested wisely. It was to remind them of what was important in life.

My question is, What are you doing with your 86400?

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  1. Rossi's Avatar
    I know, as with most others, that my 86K400 could be spent better.....even the sleep part. Many times I don't even do that part as well as I should....worrying about business issues, that after you are gone, won't amount to anything anyway.

    A good reminder.

  2. Damaged_1's Avatar
    I must admit I don't do a lot with it. I should be getting a new job in a week about. Hopefully then I will be trading 28,800 of my 86,400 for money...... errr.. I mean, ammo tickets.


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