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Insane Dream 7-8-10

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I woke up and HAD to write this down. Maybe I can find a dream mapper at work and have them look at it. Last night I was drinking some beers with a buddy and watching .... You know what :) , I think I kinda know why the dream was the way it iwas now. We were watching Invisible Empire and Don't Tread On Me on youtube. My bud passed out "he had to drive across Texas a couple hours later anyway" and I watched some Beavis and Butthead and an episode of the show Oz. Anyway, here is the dream.


I was a band member of Rob Zombie, GWAR, and some band I've never heard of called Cretyl or Caykeet or something weird. Had really wicked looking album art that was all red and the letters were bright yellow and in that death metal type font like Job for a Cowboy. We were touring in a place that was empty and dark. I don't remember why but I was uncomfortable and afraid of something. Rob Zombie was talking to me about something and I was feeling really stress by whatever he was saying. A few of my friends were living nearby somehow. My hometown Alpine was transported to the sunless land so i went to go visit them but they were acting really out of it and were surrounded with people I had never met before. I got bored of the whole thing so I said that I'm going to the show and left.

Then I was at a rodeo and they gave out free food to every person. Ribs, brisket, and stuff like that. MY plate was put on the ground so the 2 women passing it out could grab more plates, and had 2 tiny 6 inch long pigs licking at it and when I yelled at the hostess for letting it happen, she pretended pigs like that don't exist.

I had a camping site, which was now sunny and in another part of the world. I found another little pig and killed it by throwing it way into the air because it was eating wires from my truck. Somehow it set off my shotgun that I stuck in between my seats in my truck "and had a bolt for some reason". I went up a hill near by to get some water and a European looking cop was giving me the 3rd degree and asking where the gun was. I asked him why he thought I had a gun. He said "You and your neighbor are the only ones camping right here and we heard a gunshot so either you fired at your neighbors, or they fired at you." I told him they didn't fire a gun and that they were fine. He demanded that he see where the gun was and for some reason I wanted to show him.

I went down and showed him and told him I can own guns. He said "Yeah, it okay to own guns, but not where I can see them". I told him he just asked to see it and just then an out of control ambulance comes at us down the road. It fishtailed from side to side lik ein a cartoon. The cop looked scared. I grabbed my shotty rifle and told him to deputy me so I can get them. He refused. I told him I could get a shot at the driver and save some people if he deputized me but he kept refusing. The ambulance spins to a break in front of the meighbor's tent and empties out 8 men in yellow "Kinda chartruese or however its spelled" coats and they took the family I was camping next to. It was a large woman and 7 kids. THEN one of the jerks came up to me, screaming at me and aiming a little device at me through my truck. Both my truck doors were open and as I was near the driver's side, he was leaning in through the passenger. I loaded a round into the bolt, aimed, and told him he better not do something stupid.

He shot me in the left arm pit with a small needle thing and I almost immediately felt like I was going to be knocked out. I looked at the needle and pulled it out because a liquid was leaking for the back end. It was a little vac tube and has springs in it. I pulled it out and threw it at him but he turned and tried to get away. I shot yellow jacket dude in the spine between the shoulders. He was still alive and running somehow and the Europe cop guy was pissed that I shot him. He took out a can and sprayed a yellow liquid lightly on my shoulders and face. I didn't know what it was but I wasn't about to take it all by myself. I ran up and rubbed it on his face. He began to freak out and scream trying to get it off, but from what I could tell it wasn't burning me. I looked around and the yellow jackets are all just standing there watching me. More European cops were running at me from the hill.

The dream became nothing and then I was thrusted fast upward through a bunch of dirt. When I hit ground level I woke up.

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  1. texengineer's Avatar
    Wow. That's pretty intense. Considering that you left this post this afternoon, I guess that you got a full night's sleep

    I think that it means that you don't really like metal music, specifically Rob actually like country (because of the rodeo). You really like bacon (all the little piggies) but you're upset that it will eventually clog your arteries if you eat too much. And you're subconciously not looking forward to a future trip to europe because the police look like bees there, and they don't like guns.
  2. mmszbi's Avatar
    Damn, I think Aiden nailed it!


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