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Heat seeking bullets?

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All too often, someone in the gun control crowd tries to make a statement and give a compelling argument in the ban of this or that. The following video is of a group giving a press conference about banning .50 caliber rifles and ammunition from civilians with the common rhetoric of only the police and military should have them. See for yourself...

Real incendiary bullets are military grade. They are illegal for civilian purchase and possession. They are designed to penetrate and ignite fuel or munitions inside vehicles, light armored vehicles and structures. You can't run down to the local Sportman's Warehouse and purchase these things. The woman that calls them "heat seeking bullets" obviously hasn't a clue as to what she is talking about, but I guess it sounds really scary to say they are. Two things here... Either she knew they weren't heat seeking or she was clueless. Either way she is a knucklehead for giving a false statement or simply being ignorant.

This happens all too often in media reports. I was once driving home from work listening to a news update on the radio when a young local female reporter was giving a story of a shooting that occurred the night before. She began to describe the events that took place and said that the weapon used was a .22 caliber shotgun. Now... I will accept that she was probably a young and eager reporter wanting to give a good story and has absolutely no knowledge of firearms. The point I want to make is that she did not do her homework. Did her recorded story have to pass by anyone that could have corrected it before airing over the radio?

Here Wayne Lapierre of the NRA tells of a false report that aired on CNN.

The gun control crowd loves to misrepresent information to make it scarier and more appalling to those that do not now the difference. There is a statistic they use to say that guns in the home are dangerous because 58% of gun murders occur between acquaintances. What they don't tell you is that an acquaintance is simply knowing the person and shootings between drug dealers and gang members are included in the study.

Get it right knuckleheads...

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