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Packing Gun on Airline Travel

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I have not seen this discussed in this forum, but it is discussed a lot on many other gun forums, so I thought I would just provide a few tips that I have encountered when air traveling with a gun...yes, I take a gun everywhere that I can legally! YES you can take a gun on an airline to your destination...but you must first ensure that your permit is recognized by the state you are traveling to...and yes the state you are traveling to must be in reciprocity with the state which you are from. You should do a Google search on TSA and the airline you plan to travel on. The TSA site will give you the Federal rules on traveling with firearms and ammunition and then the airline website will state their policy for checking an firearm and ammunition. The gun must be in a locked container and the ammo, if you are carrying ammo, must be seperate and locked inside a checked bag . Now you can use TSA locks, but most of the airline sites discourage that. You should provide your own locks and be prepared to stand by and wait for the TSA inspection, which may or may-not occur, but you will be notified by the airline when the bag passes TSA. When you check in with the airline, you should state that you have an "UNLOADED" FIREARM to check and don't use the word gun. You should also explain to TSA that there is an "UNLOADED FIREARM" that is in a bag. This is very brief, but the no-nonsense approach, and field tested, to traveling with guns and ammunition on airlines.

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  1. texengineer's Avatar
    I haven't had the chance to try this yet since I haven't flown anywhere since I received my permit. I will be going to Florida for a little while around Christmas though, and I plan on bringing my Rami along. The process of checking it in my luggage is pretty straight forward as I understand it. My concern is when I'm unarmed.

    Sgt T showed Brit and I a handy tool while we were shooting together a month or 2 ago. It was a solid core pressure point rod that was disguised as an extra large sharpie marker. He said that it is legal to carry it on an airplane.

    Care to post on it Sgt T?
  2. NWFFT's Avatar
    I would love to get Sgt T "engineering dimensions" on the legal object.
  3. shibmaster's Avatar
    That is great information! I plan on doing this pretty soon and was about to start doing research on it. Now I have a little bit better understanding of how it works and how to go about doing it.



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